The Wonders of Modern Furniture Design

Posted on Jan 23, 2015

catalina dining

For over 30 years, Copeland Furniture has been designing and manufacturing Mid Century Modern solid wood furniture for the bedroom, dining room, and home office. The simple, clean lines of Copeland furniture complements and enhances any interior. All Copeland Furniture is made of solid hardwood from the Northern Forest. Copeland Furniture is Forest Stewardship Council certified.

Copeland Furniture has produced furniture from natural hardwoods with a keen eye for design, quality and durability since the 1970’s. Based in VT with a state-of-the-arts manufacturing enterprise, Copeland fuses Japanese, Shaker and Scandinavian influences to produce furniture with an enduring 'heirloom' quality that is gladly passed from one generation to the  next. Pivotal to Copeland's success is the degree of dedication and pride that goes into the craftsmanship of every pieced of furniture. Copeland Furniture's values are well-rooted in the tradition of New England craftsmanship. The company ignores rigid traditional designs for designs that meld elements of modern simplicity and classic proportion. Copeland’s approach to flexible design endeavors to serve the customer in the best way possible. In sync' with the values of conservation and ecology that run deep in Vermont, Copeland Furniture uses hardwoods from the Northern Forest.

slumber platform bed
Slumber Platform Bed, from American Grown Cherry Wood

 All of the lumber Copeland harvests is located within 500 miles of the company’s factory, which reduces their carbon footprint significantly. Copeland's deep connection to nature has led to the company's organic ability to produce exceptional furniture and attract a solid market of loyal and discerning customers.

Haiku Designs has been offering furniture made by Copeland for many years with consistent customer satisfaction. Copland’s values and high standards have always been an inspiration to our mission of providing customers with the quality they deserve. Their principals of Eco-Friendly, sustainably produced furniture that is functional, beautiful, and quality built, reflect the values that Haiku Designs Furniture has been championing for years.  If you are interested in furniture with more style and quality than is generally available in the big box stores consider visit our site to the see what options may meet your needs:


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