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Posted on Mar 16, 2017

Elan QuiltedPlaying with Color in Modern Furniture Design

 "  In the twilight rain
    these brilliant-hued hibiscus -
    A lovely sunset "

                           ~ Bashō

Modern design in 2017 is anything but tepid. Everywhere you look, designers are using lush, vivid jewel tones for everything from accent pillows to accent walls. A logical extension of the current emphasis on natural materials in home décor, jewel tones add a pop of color that brings to mind the glory of a sunset or the subtle glint of a precious gem. And the perfect counterpart to dramatic colors is the elegant, understated note of minimalist furniture.   

When wielded with restraint, the season's new “it” colors – deep emerald tones, rich ruby reds, passionate purples, and sumptuous golds – create the perfect backdrop for modern décor. It's quick and easy to change the color of an accent wall or buy new pillows or throws, and high-quality furniture with clean, timeless lines will always blend seamlessly with a new color scheme. Investing in gorgeous, heirloom pieces is always a good strategy. Change the colors your home every season, or whenever the urge strikes, without having to replace your main focal pieces. 

Elan SleekSince 1963, the design bible for fashion designers, graphic artists, and interior designers has been the Pantone color matching system – an enormous book of color swatches. The books change constantly, adding colors as they cycle into vogue and removing colors from the spotlight when they begin to appear dated or overused. If you're looking for fun new colors to try, their online resource ( is a great place to start! Pantone describes their fashion color choices for Spring 2017 as a “mixture of vitality, relaxation, and the great outdoors.” 

The obvious place to play around with luxuriant color is the living room.

One group of furniture that would lend itself perfectly to your Spring project is our Elan Sleek Excess Sleeper Sofa. This masterpiece of understated elegance commands enough visual weight in the room to offset any color choice you want to try. It is available in four absolutely gorge colors, any of which would be fun to play off as a neutral against a jewel tone background: Begum Dark Brown (a fun, slightly nubby texture), Mixed Dance Natural, Classic Grey, Vintage Velvet Blue and Vintage Velvet Mauve. We also offer alternative versions of this very desirable sleeper sofa: the Elan Deluxe Excess and the Elan Deluxe Quilted.

Elan ExcessAnother great place to experiment with color is the dining room. Even if you prefer the simplicity of relaxing neutrals in your main living spaces and bedroom, the dining area is a place to entertain friends and family and bold, bright colors do a great job of sparking conversation and energizing a room. 

Eloquent design without sacrificing comfort. 

One example of a dining set that would work perfectly in this context is our Curzon Dining Room Collection. A masterpiece of sculptured design, the under edges of this gorgeous table are sculpted into unique angles and carved with a solid wood design in two chic colors: Cathedral Ebony and Teak. Cathedral Ebony creates a darker, dramatic flair that would complement perfectly a lighter, more vivid wall color. The natural Teak is a lighter, softer shade of wood that brings to mind the timeless appeal of mid-century pieces and would complement any color, especially deeper, richer tones. This amazing table spans 84 inches in length, providing comfortable seating for eight. The support stand is a work of art in its own right: a cleverly crafted, chrome wire frame sculpture that is as sturdy as it is lovely.



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