Modern Multifunctional Spaces: The Guest Room / Home Office

Posted on Jun 06, 2017

ElanUtilizing Multifunctional Space in your Guest Room or Home Office

 "  Experimenting...
    I hung the moon on various
    branches of the pine. "

                  ~ Hokushi

Guest rooms are often the smallest bedroom in the house, so it's common practice to use the room for other purposes when guests aren't staying over. This very modern approach to utilizing valuable space is a wonderful design trend, but it can be tricky to pull off well. Because guests often visit in pairs, you'd probably prefer to avoid a Twin or Full size bed if you can avoid it. However, a larger bed simply might not fit – or if it does fit, there won't be much floor space left over for your desk area, art easels, or crafting table.    

If you like the idea of having a guest room that's also an office or art studio, Haiku Designs offer a range of excellent options to help create your ideal multifunctional living space. A crafty compromise is a modern daybed, which converts from a nice, roomy sleeping area to a compact, space-saving sofa. Old school sofa beds were basically thinly-disguised torture devices, packed with pointy metal coils and weird mattress lumps – the whole affair seemed intended to torment the in-laws into considering a motel as an option on their next visit. 

Multifunctional sleeper sofas turn an office into a guest room

Luckily for both you and your guests, the old fashioned sofa bed is a relic of the past. Donate yours to the charitable organization of your choice, and replace it with a contemporary alternative.

Vogue chairs & sleeper sofasIf you love the idea of a traditional library look for your home office, our York Sofa Bed is a timeless, elegant choice. Crafted of tufted Textile Leather or vintage blue or mauve velvet, the York is soft to the touch and its look is warm and inviting. In addition to the traditional all-flat sleep arrangement and entirely-upright sofa arrangement, you can also choose to leave one or both sides of the backrest in the reclining position, adding even more options for lounging. Almost any desk will look wonderful paired with the York Sofa Bed. And if you ever have clients who visit your office, they will never suspect that the York isn't simply stylish office seating.

We at Haiku Designs are not big fans of noxious gasses. In fact, we go out of our way to ensure that only the healthiest products on the market today are available for our customers to purIf your guest room functions as an art studio most of the time, you will adore our Chill Deluxe Sofabed with Wood Armrests. This is a sofa that is perfectly attuned with your artistic side, combining the classic look of mid century furniture with utterly modern features. The Chill functions as a sofa, with quality wooden armrests; as a bed, with both sides of the back folded down; or as a lounger, with only one side of the back turned down. Order it in our ultra hip Mixed Dance Burnt Orange, wrapped in the wonderful texture of Mixed Dance Grey, sleek in white or black Textile Leather – and those are just a few of the eight amazing color options!

Moddern style with luxurious comfort 

Tentai Writing Desk

The Elan Sleek Excess Sleeper Sofa is a wonderful option for a guest room that doubles as a craft room or workshop. This beautiful Queen sized sleeper offers luxurious comfort for sleepover guests, and a lovely seating area during the day. The natural textiles of the Elan are sure to inspire your creative side, and a stain-resistant Textile Leather option is available to help guard against your messier artistic endeavors.

These are only a few of the chic and practical options available at Haiku Designs. We carry a wide range of sleek, modern styles that offer comfortable sleep surfaces at night, and stylish seating during the day. No spikes, no lumps. Because you love your guests.



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~Matsu Basho

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