The Modern Sleeper Sofa - A Cool/Hot Furniture Option for Todays Home

Posted on Aug 05, 2016

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choosing the right sleeper sofa in your home

"Birds on the branches
in the evening darkness.
Can they find berries?"

Hey.. Here is a great choice of furniture for the home.  It is both Cool and Hot. It is Cool  because these new modern sleeper sofas have the looks that bring out  statements of  "hey that is cool" from your friends.  And ... Hot, becasue it is one of most popular trends in modern furniture right now. If you are looking to buy a sofa anyway, why not make it a sleeper sofa? These double-duty wonders are some of the most functional furniture pieces available today.

They are practical and attractive, especially now that so many modern furniture designers offer their own version of the sofa bed.

The Many Uses of a Modern Sleeper Sofa: 

Sleeper sofas are perfect if you live in a small apartment with space limitations. Are you renting a one-bedroom flat? Adding a sofa bed in your living room lets you create a place for overnight guests even if you don’t have a guestroom.

Even if you live in a larger single-family home, a sofa that can be used as a sleeper will still prove very useful. Do you want to turn your home office into a harder working dual-purpose room? Add a sleeper sofa to it so you can use it to house guests when necessary. Having a sofa bed in your living room also allows you to host more people than your guest bedrooms can accommodate. You will surely appreciate it when Thanksgiving or Christmas comes along and the whole brood comes to visit.

Do you have grown children who are just starting out on their own? A sleeper sofa makes a practical gift—and you will probably get to use it yourself it when you come over their new place.

Guidelines on Choosing a Modern Sleeper Sofa: 

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Before you decide to buy a sleeper sofa, take time to do some tests. Does it open and close (fold and unfold) easily? A high quality sleeper should operate smoothly. It should feel solid but not too heavy to lift open all by yourself. 

Next you have to test the mattress. Lie down on it for a few minutes—on your back, then on your side, and even on your stomach. If you find it comfortable, chances are, your guests will find it comfortable, too.

Finally, measure the sleeper sofa when closed and opened. Ensure that it will comfortably fit in the space you intend to put it. 

So lets raise a glass to something that is both Cool and Hot -- The Modern Sleeper Sofa.  And really, how often can you say that about anything. 


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"The Chill" Sofa Bed - Lounge lizzards in the spaceage bachelor pad 


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