Providing stylish home furnishings since 1986, Moe’s believes your home should be an oasis. The perfect home looks vastly different from individual to individual which is why Moe’s provides a wide range of styles and colors in addition to the sleek minimalism that has been popular since the mid 20th century. Leather armchairs in blue, purple, and chartreuse, accent tables with exquisite natural agate and brass accents, upholstered platform beds in luxurious blue velvet: Moe’s is bringing sexy- I mean color- back. For those of us that wish to reel in the more rambunctious color palettes, Moe’s has created beautifully natural pieces crafted in solid wood or reclaimed wood such as Madagascar Platform Bed or the Natural Teak Coffee Table. Moe’s is committed to providing innovative and uniquely fresh products that speak to a wide range of people because at Moe's they believes in listening to their customers for what they want and need. In essence, Moe’s has developed a customer-curated catalog. 


Madagascar Platform Bed


Natural Teak Coffee Table

Another reason we love Moe’s is because of our shared values. Like Haiku Designs, Moe’s believes strongly in customer service which is why they focus so much of their designs and innovations on customer suggestions and comments. Passion is another important factor in their business model. The same way Haiku cares about bringing customers eco-friendly, elegant, long lasting pieces, Moe’s has a passion for beautiful, unique designs. Passion makes us care about what we believe to be important and in the furniture industry what is important is beautiful, sturdy, durable, eco-friendly, sustainable designs.


The entrepreneurial spirit is something we also share. As a relatively small operation ourselves, the strive for progress and innovation is equally important to us. Finding beautiful pieces that check off all our boxes can be time consuming (for me especially because I take care of our catalog, you’re welcome) but incredible vendors like Moe’s make that process a lot easier in that they continue to provide the stylish, high-quality pieces I’m looking for. Moe’s founder Moe Samieian has been quoted as saying, “there’s always more at Moe’s”. A fresh and interesting catalog that continues to grow- that’s certainly what I’m aiming for.

O2 Platform Bed


Most importantly, Moe’s believes strongly in ethical sourcing. I don’t think I have to remind any of my blog fans (if there’s only a couple of you out there… I appreciate you) how big Haiku Designs is on eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Ethical sourcing is also a HUGE part of that. Whether it’s adhering to morally strict environmental regulations or ethical labor practices, we have an obligation to protect the earth and the people responsible for the beautiful furnishings we get to enjoy within our home. Moe’s cares deeply about its factories and ensures correct safety standards and fair wages. Additionally, Moe’s has an extensive quality control team to ensure procedural compliance and high quality manufacturing. 


Moe’s Home Collection brings us unique, vibrant pieces that help us breathe life back into our homes. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of color or texture, or a bit of natural beauty to your space, Moe’s encourages us to challenge the status quo. Be bold. Be different. Be uniquely you. If what you seek is a clean, minimalist design with neutral tones- girl (or boy), get it. If bright colors and striking pieces are more your speed- yaaaas queen! Moe’s Home Collection and we at Haiku Designs are here to encourage your diversity, to embolden your style, to help you achieve your home decor goals. Your home should be an oasis, let us and Moe’s support your endeavours.