Whoop whoop!!! We have been featured in Morpholio Boards Products of the Year for 2021! Such an honor to be included in this list of upcoming trends for the home.

For those unfamiliar with the platform, Morpholio Board is a marvelous design tool for interior designers and decorators featuring a wide assortment of helpful tools such as a curated product library, custom boards, AR rendering, and color tools to easily create design concepts. Morpholio Board also features practical tools for taking projects from their creative beginnings to their finalized ends including quickly accessible cut sheets to aid in the execution of the design. A wonderful community for creative professionals and non-professionals alike, Morpholio has built a space for those who love interior design to practice their craft and achieve their visions. To determine their Products of the Year for 2021, Morpholio Board looked at thousands of products to track trends amongst its growing community of designers and we have been fortunate enough to be included in their top picks for residential design.


The Jasmine Writing Desk

Morpholio chose our Jasmine Writing Desk, by Greenington, as part of their Products of the Year for 2021. This piece is crafted in 100% moso bamboo which is one of earth’s most sustainable and renewable resources in regards to furniture manufacturing. Not only is bamboo 20% harder than red oak, it also reaches maturity within 3-5 years and releases 35% more oxygen back into the atmosphere than the equivalent stands of trees, which means it is a wonderful raw material for strong, durable furniture and for the environment.

The Jasmine Writing Desk showcases a sleek and minimalist, Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian design that makes it an easy addition to any modern home. Its relatively compact design and 2 drawers provide plentiful functionality in a small frame. The Jasmine Desk also features a power outlet and USB port neatly and stylishly tucked away beneath a couple of hinged doors along the back of the table top, keeping your workspace clean and organized, and your devices charged and ready to go.


Over the course of a very difficult 2020, Morpholio designers saw a push towards highly functional, sustainable pieces for the home, pieces that offer value beyond their superficial usability and enrich the mind, body, and soul. Through interior design and interior decorating, much like through art, we can express ourselves; we can heal. You have the power to create for yourself a space that is welcoming and nourishing to the spirit. For most of 2020, the world was a dark place filled with uncertainty, chaos, an unrelenting pandemic, natural disasters, and the occasional murder hornet. Our home became our sanctuary whether or not we wanted it to be. Why not put your time and effort into creating a space that brings us much needed relief and happiness? With Morpholio Board, designing that perfect space is easy.