How Sleeping On an All Natural Mattress is Better than Sleeping on a Bed of Nails

Posted on Aug 30, 2016

Natural Mattress vs Bed of Nails

All Natural Mattress VS Sleeping on a Bed of Nails

"No one travels
Along this way but I,
This autumn evening."

Modern life is complicated and fast-paced, and it takes dedication to find time for meditation and other healthy routines...

finding enlightenment in your bedroom 

In the pursuit of happiness and a more mindful existence, people today are making changes in all areas of their lives from their morning rituals to their sleeping environment. Rather than settling for old-fashioned synthetic mattresses and bedding, many are looking into untraditional alternatives.

All Natural Mattress

Some people thing the quickest path to bliss and  enlightenment, could be to sleep on  a bed of nails. The traditional bed of nails is crafted from natural wooden planks, which are usually salvaged and upcycled. Hundreds, or even thousands, of sharp metal nails project upward from the platform. Beds with more nails per square inch are considered more comfortable and easier to master (nail count is as important as thread count).

organic & natural latex mattresses for lasting inner peace  

Here at Haiku Designs we think we have a better way to inner peace and nirvana.  Consider one of our all Natural and Organic Latex Mattresses as a very enjoyable and relaxing way to Deep Bliss. If not to bliss perhaps at least to a great and healthy good nights sleep.

But while you're shopping, you might also consider a natural, organic mattress or futon. Generally considered to be the more comfortable option, our EcoPure and Serenity Plus organic futons are another way to pursue bliss and inner harmony. Organic futons and organic mattresses feature a botanical latex core sourced from the Asian Rubber Tree, which – unlike standard synthetic mattresses – won't off-gas dangerous chemicals into your home.

Our organic mattresses are lovingly crafted, in Boulder, Col  from a all natural, 100% botanical latex core. This core is then wrapped in high-quality garneted organic wool that resists mildew and mites. Then the entire package is swathed in incredibly soft, quilted all-natural, organic cotton damask. The craftsmanship and materials used in our natural futons is far superior to typical polyester foam core futons, resulting in a luxuriously comfortable futon that will hold its shape for many years – lasting about twice as long as the standard synthetic variety.

Natural mattresses can contribute to a healthy night's sleep because they don't introduce synthetic toxins into your sleeping environment. No harmful materials go into our mattresses and futons, and no noxious substances are released when they are made. Our organic mattresses and futons are never sprayed with harmful flame retardants. Wool is naturally flame resistant, so our mattresses meet all federal flammability regulations, without adding toxic chemicals into the mix. To protect your mattress, we recommend a natural mattress topper made with the same exacting standards.

The perfect complement to our organic mattresses and futons are our organic sheets, duvets, and pillows. Most mainstream, mass-produced bedding is made of synthetic fibers and non-organic cotton that require a lot of dangerous chemicals to produce. Our natural mattress toppers, natural sheet sets, and natural comforters are crafted from organic cotton that is always sourced and processed responsibly. Not only will you get a far more healthy, restful sleep, you'll contribute to the health of our planet as well.

Eco-Friendly Furniture - Comfortable style that respects spaceship earth
Natural & Environmentally Friendly Beds - Awaken to healthy sleep
E-1 Certification - European standard for '0 off gassing' bedding


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