To begin, if your mattress looks anything like the image below, may the universe have mercy on your physical being.



Perhaps like me, you’ve seen plenty of mattress commercials often warning about the typical lifespan for a mattress, which is averaged to be about 8 years, but all mattresses are not created the same. Cheaper options often contain harmful chemicals that emit toxins, and synthetic materials that absorb and retain moisture creating the perfect nesting ground for mold and bacteria. For that reason, they should be replaced with relative frequency. However, opting for more natural options and taking proper care of your organic bedding will certainly result in a longer lifespan (than the typically projected 8 years), and also create a healthier sleeping environment. Doing some research and properly caring for your mattress can extend its life and reduce health issues associated with a moldy or dust mite infested mattress.


The first step towards a healthier sleep is choosing the right mattress. Like most mass-produced furniture and bedding, cheaper mattresses are often manufactured with a slew of potentially hazardous chemicals including formaldehyde, polyurethane foam, boric acid, and various flame retardants. These chemicals and materials emit toxins that have been linked to health issues such as asthma, allergies, or even cancer. Furthermore, their very construction and the common use of box springs creates a stifling environment that continuously absorbs your body’s moisture and dead skin cells, creating the ideal home for mold and dust mites to flourish-meals included. Thankfully, there has been a shift towards natural materials. Organic cotton, natural wool, and natural/organic latex are all free of harmful chemicals and are inherently fire retardant. Haiku Designs is a huge fan of natural latex because it not only holds his shape for years and years, but naturally repels moisture, mold, mildew, and dust mites!


The second step is opting for a bed frame that does not require a box spring. Mattresses need to be able to breath in order to prevent the buildup of moisture, and a box spring completely blocks continuous airflow. Haiku Designs is a strong advocate for platform beds because platform beds operate on a slat system eliminating the need for a box spring without sacrificing support. Additionally, the slatted boards that compose the base leave room between each slat for the purpose of mattress breathability, further decreasing moisture buildup. The Azara, Astrid, Sienna, Contour, Luna, Dillon, and all other beds on our catalog feature a modern slat system to improve the health and lifespan of your mattress.


Finally, adding a natural mattress protector will further decrease any risk for mold and mildew. Life is messy and unpredictable. Children wet the bed, adults spill wine, pets shed like crazy, and a whole lot of other things we can all imagine, and I probably shouldn’t mention. Adding a mattress protector provides an additional layer, a shield against daily use. Also, the protector is a washable layer that keeps dirt, dust mites, and skin from penetrating the mattress itself that then can be stripped and cleansed before being put back. Haiku Designs offers a variety of natural protectors, toppers, and pads such as the Organic Cotton Cover, the Sweet Dreams Waterproof Organic Cotton Mattress Protector, and the Natural Sleep Merino Wool Organic Mattress Topper to name a few.



A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy and happy life. Regularly getting between 7 and 9 hours of sleep has been proven to reduce stress, improve memory, help with weight loss, and many other benefits. Add to that a natural, chemical free, dry, and healthier mattress, and that my friends, is a recipe for success. A natural mattress and protector are not only an investment in your health, which in my opinion is reason enough, but also a financial one due to its repellant properties that result in a much longer lifespan- more bang for your buck, am I right?