Haiku Designs is structured around helping you create a harmonious, peaceful, and beautiful home. From our natural and sustainably sourced woods to our organic bedding, we believe in the importance of a clean environment. Our Copeland products are crafted free or harmful chemicals. Our Greenington Collections are crafted in one of Earth’s cleanest and most sustainable resources. The exquisite wood grain and earthy tones of our many products exude an aura of undomesticated purity. The organic curves of the Madagascar Platform Bed and Mokuzai Dining Collection, the raw beauty of the sheesham wood grain on the O2 Collection, the stunning and showstopping Tiger Bamboo accents on the Azara Collection, all encourage not only a natural and harmonious environment but an extraordinarily stylish one as well. Another way to create a natural and clean environment is to introduce plants to the home. Whether you’re a novice plant owner or an experienced plant parent, a fabulous indoor plant will not only bring more life into the home, but also help purify the air you breath. We at Haiku want to help you create that oasis within the confines of your home.

Full disclaimer, I do not currently have any plants and I have not successfully cared for a succulent in the past, but I would love to learn! I figured we could learn together, so let’s explore some popular indoor plant options.

ZZ Plant

The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, aka ZZ Plant, is crème de la crème, superb in every way shape and form… speaking, of course, as an amateur plant grower, my extreme adulation may come from a place of complete and utter ineptitude. I confess that I will most certainly begin my plant growing career with the ZZ Plant. Exceptionally easy to care for, the ZZ Plant is one of the lowest maintenance plants available. Some water every couple weeks and low indirect sunlight is all this plant needs to flourish. It is recommended for clueless beginners, aka me, so it’s the perfect place to start for those unfortunate souls missing a green thumb.

Snake Plant

Very similar to the ZZ Plant in its low maintenance requirements, the Snake Plant showcases stunning and distinguishable leaves that grow vertically, occupying minimal space which makes it ideal for especially compact spaces. The Snake Plant can tolerate low light but thrives in medium to bright light and prefers typical indoor temperatures (60-85°F). Also knows as a Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, the Snake plant is known for its air purifying capabilities and is even on NASAs list of Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement (according to a paper published by NASA in 1989, but I stand by my incomprehensive findings).

Peace Lily

Like the Snake Plant, the Peace Lily is on NASAs list of air purifying plants and like the plants mentioned above, it is shockingly easy to care for. Requiring water only once a week and capable of surviving in very dim settings, the Peace Lily is ideal for apartment living, or for rooms that simply don’t get much sun. Additionally, the Peace Lily has the appearance of a flowering plant but is in fact not. Instead the “flowers” are modified leaves that merely look like big, white flowers. Unfortunately, the Peace Lily has managed to make a much less favorable list. The ASPCA has Peace Lilies listed as a common houseplant that is poisonous to cats and dogs; so, if you are already have a furry family member, you might want to consider a different plant.


What if I told you there is a plant that perfectly and elegantly encompasses a retro, Mid-Century Modern aesthetic? There is, and it’s called Monstera Deliciosa. The Monstera Deliciosa is truly stunning and quite the shapeshifter. As the leaves of the Monstera begin to grow, they develop holes and eventually unfurl into a wide, slatted leaf. This chic, fast growing plant requires weekly watering and medium indirect light. Slightly more difficult to care for than the others, the Monstera is still relatively low maintenance. If I manage to keep a ZZ Plant alive and prospering, I will absolutely graduate myself to a Monstera Deliciosa.

The options for indoor plants are many. Whatever your experience or expertise level, a home filled with oxygen generating machines is possible. Naturally purify the air you and your family breath. Add a bit of life to an otherwise inanimate structure. Bring the majestic beauty of the outdoors inside with a vibrant, green plant that will gracefully enhance your Zen Modern home.