Welcome to 2020, everyone. We are at the start of a new decade, so what better time than right now to redecorate your home and freshen up your space? This time of year can be about so much more than changing unhealthy eating habits and implementing new exercise regimens. It can be about reimagining yourself and the space which you inhabit. What have you been putting off? What improvements had you been considering in the past years and never got around to doing? What do you want for yourself and your family in this coming decade? The time is now to create a space of warmth, comfort, relaxation, and harmony. You deserve the chance to achieve the best version of you and it all starts with your temple of tranquility, your oasis away from the madness: your home. 



When was the last time you re-evaluated your sleep environment? Considering our bed is where we retreat to unwind, recharge, and heal, the mattress on which we rest is extremely important. When shopping for a new mattress, look for pieces crafted in all-natural and organic materials. Our Sweet Dreams and Nidra Collections both contain natural latex and American wool, as well as organic cotton and plant based fiber coil encasements respectively. These natural materials are not only cleaner and chemical free, but also have moisture wicking, temperature regulating properties that will help you achieve a deeper more restful sleep. During this first month of the year, we work very hard to solidify new healthy habits. Make it a little easier for yourself by starting and ending each day with a luxuriously natural and clean bed that will help you feel recharged and ready to face daily obstacles trying to keep you from your goals.

Sweet Dreams 9 Inch Latex Mattress

Nidra Elite Natural Sleep Mattress

Bedroom Furniture

Continuing on the theme of a healthier sleep, clean and eco-friendly bedroom furniture will help you achieve the serene, harmonious oasis you deserve. Solid wood platform beds crafted in high-quality, low off-gassing materials help maintain the integrity of your all-natural mattress by not emitting the toxic chemicals you were trying so hard to avoid. Additionally, platform beds promote continuous air flow through your mattress helping to decrease moisture buildup, allergens, and dust mites, extending the life of your mattress. Complete your new bedroom with some beautiful case pieces, expertly crafted and designed to withstand the test of time. New year, new you, new bedroom.

Azara Platform Bed


Astrid Platform Bed 1-Panel Headboard


Dining Room Furniture

As one of the most important rooms in the house, the dining room deserves some love and attention. The gathering place where families come together to dine, chat, work on school projects, and craft, the dining room table can help set the tone and overall flow of your dining space. Do we want a clean and vibrant environment? Do we want a soft and comforting feel or a sturdy and strong one? The new decade is a time for change, an opportunity to reach our interior design goals. If you’ve been considering new dining room furniture, I say, JUST DO IT!

Aureille Extension Dining Table


Mija Laurel Extendable Dining Table


Accent Furniture

Another way to revamp or freshen up your space is by introducing a few vibrant and bold, accent pieces. A small, accent, side table could add both color and functionality to a lounge chair or sofa. A stylish, striking bar cart can add a touch of class and sophistication while helping you keep your spirits and stemware organized. An eclectic, unique coffee table can draw attention and become the new centerpiece within your living space. Perhaps a new lighting fixture to help illuminate your space with a new found sense of pizzazz and glamour. 

Rhody Lift Top Coffee Table


 Whistler Floor Lamp

Have you ever considered that the reason we so often fail at our resolutions is because we are attempting to change within an unchanging environment? Our surroundings influence us in so many ways and going against that current is an extraordinarily difficult challenge. Therefore, we must also change our spaces, alter them to meet our needs. Of course we cannot do that everywhere, but a space we can change is our home. Your home is a space that can be tailored to your specifications. Make your home your sanctuary, shielding you from the forces contradicting your goals. The year is 2020, and this is the year- nay, the decade- that you WILL achieve your lifelong goals! Haiku Designs believes in you.