Organic Bedding & What It Means Today

Posted on Dec 12, 2014

 Synthetic Fabric Molecule

Synthetic Fabric Molecule 

Many companies today are touting the benefits of Organic Bedding and Sleep Products as opposed to bedding products produced from synthetic and petrochemical fiber materials.  As more products are being introduced almost on a daily basis, it is important to consider exactly what is the point of organic bedding and by the way:

What Exactly is the difference?? 

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Most synthetic materials are made in a laboratory, usually from petroleum. Until the late 19th century, everything we know of was made from natural materials, and much of it was grown in a way that never needed to be labeled ‘organic’, because it was simply the way that things were done for many centuries

The word organic has become an ambiguous and confusing term in our modern world. Some people see it as a threat to progress and profit. Other people see it as an ally to nature and tradition. So what does it mean, “go organic”, as if that were a place to travel to? The answer is very simple: Organic isn’t a place to go; it’s a place to be. As such, it means to let nature take its course, without any unnecessary human intervention in the way that nature provides its precious resources. So, how do we, as humans, best apply those resources? Do we apply them with disregard? Or do we apply them with creativity and common sense?


Take organic food for example, not to mention the bedclothes we sleep on every night. If you had the choice, would you prefer to eat food that was sprayed with chemical herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers, which did not exist before the late 19th century? To make matters even more interesting, much of our produce today is irradiated to increase its shelf life. Does that sound appetizing to you? Canned food is one thing, but a potato or a tomato that sits on a shelf for ten years or more seems a bit like a sci-fi story that’s out of control. For the record, the difference between natural and organic has to do with the growing process. The word “natural” simply means that an item is made from a natural substance, as opposed to an artificial or synthetic substance. Whereas an “organic” item is not only made from a natural substance but is also grown in the same way that human beings have grown everything, from day one, until the 19th century, when we began to experiment like Dr. Frankenstein or Dr. Seuss or any other doctor who forgets our roots.

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Regarding modern-day bedclothes, would you rather sleep on sheets and cover yourself with synthetic materials made from oil? Or would you prefer to sleep with sheets and comforters crafted from cotton or silk? Yes, these natural products are less affordable, and they don’t last as long, but in the long run they will decay of natural causes and allow you to feel at ease with things that our modern civilization will not be leaving around so long. At the very least, when you bury a silk sheet in the ground, you can trust the fact that it won’t be around for a thousand years, waiting to make you itch. 

When considering all of the above facts and information, it is a fact that there are many distinctive differences between Organic Bedding and Bedding made from synthetic materials.  Most of the advantages seem to come down on the Organic and Natural side. Now the choice is up to you. Armed with this information what will be your decision when considering purchasing new bedding products for your home??


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