The Next Right Angle on Platform Beds

Posted on Mar 13, 2015

King Tut’ had a lot of gold and a lot of dedicated constructions workers, but he also had something just as good as gold—a platform bed. Of course, his bed and his bedroom were unique to his time in ancient Egypt, where pyramids were popping up left and right, but like today’s modern platform bed, King Tutankhamun’s bed had no need for a cumbersome box-spring, and I’ll bet my miniature gold-plated mummy that his mattress was made from some kind
of natural material, perhaps sand bags from the Sahara desert (I recommend a natural latex mattress because they’re never lumpy).

Today’s platform bed generally uses a solid wood slat structure as opposed to a one-piece wood sheet. This newer type of slat platform structure provides adequate, flexible support and plenty of ventilation for a mattress, eliminating the need for a box spring as a foundation.  Better ventilation of the mattress and  sleeping environment creates a healthier nights rest.


No one really knows the exact date of the platform bed’s invention, but the modern box-spring was invented in the mid-1860s. The definition of a modern platform bed-frame is "a bed that uses only a mattress", so most, if not all, bed-frames from the past would qualify as platform beds. Modern platform bed-frames provide a solid surface, and in past centuries, rope, leather, wood or bones were used as slats or bases to support various types of ‘mattresses’ or bedding. Most human beings slept on the ground or on palettes, where it was cold and they were at the mercy of insects and small animals. Many people slept on a bed of leaves that was covered with animal skins or wool. Of course, some people naturally decided to raise whatever bed they had off the ground to have a warmer, cleaner and safer sleeping environment. So, we can thank the common sense of our ancestors for the concept of the modern platform bed-frame, and say goodbye to the obsolete box-spring 

Getting back to King Tut’ and the Egyptians’ obsession with eternal rest and comfort, ancient hieroglyphics reveal that the benefits of platform beds were well understood by the Egyptians. While common people slept on simple constructions, the royalty added an artistic flair to their bed-frames, with gilding, paints, ivory, and metal inlays. This ancient bed-frame could be seen as the prototype of today’s platform bed, and it’s safe to say that we’ve made a lot of scientific and practical improvements since the days of pyramids and mummies.

sahara bed
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