Romanticizing Your Bedroom—The Yang Approach

Posted on Sep 03, 2014

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Yin and Yang can be thought of as complementary forces--rather than opposing forces--that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. Everything has both Yin and Yang qualities; for example, light cannot exist without shadow. Either of the two major aspects may manifest more strongly in a particular person, place or experience, depending on one’s point-of-view. Yin is the passive female principle, and Yang is the active male principle. Together, they form an ‘electrical’ human circuit with unlimited potential for mutual growth.

Yang is the masculine, active principle in Nature, and Chinese cosmology describes its presence in the form of light, heat, logic and dryness. Although this may seem like an opposing force, the Yang principle actually combines with the Yin force to produce all things in creation, which means that there is always a strong trace of the male in the female and the woman inside the man. So, this blog is less about how to apply the Yang or male approach and more about how to harmonize the male and female perspectives, especially where the bedroom is concerned, and everything that goes along with it. In the realm of romance and sexuality, the bedroom is both an anchor and a symbol for many things. The bedroom is probably the most intimate space in any home, whether one is married, single, promiscuous, celibate or anything in between or above or below or beside. 

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In the larger world, with all its sociological institutions, men and women should be treated equally and relate to each other as equal peers. However, in the bedroom, romance and sexual fulfillment require a healthy polarity—without any hierarchy—that allows the power and the love to flow back and forth freely, a complimentary polarity between the Yin and the Yang. In other words, it would be beneficial to pay close attention to what your lover says and does. Put yourself in his or her place and do your best to think and feel as they do, without denying your own valid perspective. Yin and Yang have been around since the beginning of Time, so they naturally transform into one another, whether we like it or not, so we might as well surrender to them. For example, night will change into day, and warm air eventually becomes cooler. Life becomes death, and the mind yields to the heart when necessary. However, these inevitable transformations are relative and paradoxical, since night and day coexist on planet Earth at the same time, when viewed from outer-space. Just imagine that you’re lying in bed, pretending to be a celestial body, floating in space, on a latex mattress made of natural foam, looking down on the whole picture and the part you play. . . What do you see? 


If you embody the Yang force or you choose to play the masculine role in your romantic or sexual relationship, then it’s part of the plan for you to be directive, without being attached to having total control. It is important to lead the way with quiet confidence, and yet still keep an open mind and an open heart every step of the way. Sometimes you need to surprise your partner with a new adventure, and sometimes you need to initiate a joint-venture. After all, you are sharing a bed together, which is a universe unto itself, so you may want to start there, by giving your partner a choice, ….. 

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