Rug-Rats Unite # 6 - Why Bamboo Floor Mats Are Awesome

Posted on Aug 19, 2015

This blog will be the final obligatory chapter about the alternative flooring movement, until someone invents a flying carpet. I hope you have enjoyed and found some of this information useful. If you happen to have a dog as a beloved pet or you happen to play with cute rug-rats periodically, then Haiku Design’s bamboo chair-mats will make rolling back and forth between your responsibilities much easier from now on. I mean look at those fury cherubim faces above. Don’t you want to be as efficient as possible and as eco-friendly as possible for future generations of angels, animals and angling adolescents? 

Possessing more durability and natural integrity than pretentious plastic products—which will eventually crack and callously clog up landfills for generations to come—bamboo products will last a long time and biodegrade with grace and humility, becoming fertilizer in the end, instead of toxic material like petty petroleum products. Bamboo grows like a weed on steroids and it has many different uses, such as canes, flutes, flooring, furniture, houseplants, stickball bats, and room partition panels. Bamboo starts out green and then matures to have a lustrous golden tone, making it the perfect companion to meet your various domestic needs, no matter how unusual they may be. 


Eco-friendly  bamboo floor mats are sustainable, hard and flexible. Available in different sizes and colors, bamboo mats are designed for tiled floors, commercial carpets and hardwood floors. With its smooth surface, the bamboo floor-mat is easy to clean. It rolls up quickly and easily when you need to relocate your office or move to a different planet. It also looks like a miniature piece of beautiful wood flooring, so if you ever decide to transform your closet into a compact dance studio, you won’t be disappointed. And, finally, it stays in place like an obedient politician. In addition to all of these fine qualities, and like many of our eco-friendly products, our bamboo mats meet the full requirements of the stringent European E1 standards for formaldehyde emissions, so take a closer look, and if what you see piques your interest, then you may want to contact us or visit  Haiku Designs Furniture and Eco-Friendly Sleep Products,  to mull over similar eco-friendly merchandise.

bamboo mat


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