Rug Rats Unite--Naturally

Posted on Oct 24, 2014

rug1Eco-Friendly Bamboo Rugs

This will the first in a series of several blogs about carpets, mats and flooring options made from natural materials that are pleasing to the eye, as opposed to synthetic materials that produce off-gassing and ultimately end up in pervasive land-fills to biodegrade for a very long time. 


To begin with, let us consider bamboo, which grows at an astonishing rate. Some species of bamboo grow more than three feet each day; in fact, no plant on the planet grows at a faster rate. Bamboo is well-known for its hardness, durability, flexibility and renewability. When it is harvested, it will grow a new shoot from its extensive root system with no need for additional planting or cultivation. Virtually every part of the bamboo plant can be used to make a wide variety of products, everything from rugs to soil-enriching mulch to beautiful furniture to hardy sandals.

Possessing versatility beyond compare, bamboo can replace the use of wood for nearly any domestic and professional application. Flooring, paper, furniture, walking canes and so much more can be made from bamboo. The fibers of bamboo are far stronger than wood fibers, much more flexible, and much less likely to warp from unpredictable atmospheric conditions. As an excellent carbon sequester, bamboo removes carbon dioxide (a global greenhouse gas), from the atmosphere at a higher rate than almost any other tree or plant.


Bamboo floor coverings or carpets, so to speak, offer a great way to add a handsome look and a warm natural feel to any home or office.  Several manufactures offer a variety of bamboo rugs or floor mats in a wide variety of colors, sizes and slat widths. Consider a rich chocolate color from Haiku Designs for a bamboo rug with a more rich tone and  look.  Add an interesting appeal to a home entryway, dining room, or entertainment room creating a natural; durable and attractive floor covering that can compliment nicely a wall-to-wall carpet or full wood floor. 

In addition bamboo slats or bamboo hardwood are extremely durable and will not chip, crack or break even with extended wear and tear.  Nice to know you can have something that is constructed in an Eco-Friendly manner, that looks great, and is functional and will last a long time. It is like having your cake and eating it too, or having your bamboo and enjoy it too.


Remarkably, bamboo has a very long history of serving as an eco-friendly, non-skid rug pad. As such, its backing is ventilated and provides excellent cushioning and mobility. It doesn’t get stained like conventional rugs or carpets, and it’s easy and simple to clean. Of course, slight color variations may occur due to the unique, natural qualities of bamboo, which is one of its many versatile qualities. For many centuries, bamboo has been a faithful friend in more ways than we can count.


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