Rug-Rats Unite (Part 5)

Posted on Jun 12, 2015


Until the Industrial Revolution began around 1760, humanity made things by hand. Once machines took over, everything changed . . ….. Some inventions, like the steam-engine and the cotton gin, served humanity well, but other subsequent inventions—like extracting flammable petroleum from the ground to feed the automobile, and weapons of destruction —caused a lot of suffering. U2 has just released a new album called Songs of Innocence, the title of which they borrowed from William Blake’s book of poems, entitled Songs of Innocence and Experience.  Blake had serious concerns about the systematic mechanization of society, and Charlie Chaplin echoed this in his satirical motion picture Modern Times.

Like many other artists since, Blake and Chaplin abhorred how children and adults were taken advantage of by  big industry, and today some people wonder if things haven’t seemed to change much over the last hundred years.  


In spite of the mass industrialization of most manufacturing there is a movement and a trend afoot in the markets as we enter the 21st century for items made by hand.  Not only do they return more of a fair wage and fair trade to the cooperatives and individuals that make the products they also often offer a quality and beauty that surpass mass produced items. The popularity of hand crafted item is further demonstrated by the huge popularity of the Etsy, website featuring all hand crafted gifts and products. 

Haiku Designs Furniture is excited too offer a full line of hand made rugs and floor coverings.  An idea example would be the Jute rug, handmade and handcrafted from vegetable fiber or the skin of certain plants, so it’s a natural and renewable resource. Composed of long fibers that are among the strongest in the world, it is hand-woven into knotted patterns, resulting in burlap products and various rug designs. Nicknamed the “Golden Fiber” for its warm and lustrous texture, Jute is anti-static and a great insulator against chilly floors.


So, if you have a family of one, two, three, four, five or six, the Jute rugs could serve you well. The beauty of rugs is that you get a three-dimensional feel to your flooring, no matter what lays underneath or on top. Come spring-cleaning, you can shake them out in your back yard with the help of a neighbor or a loved-one. The second beautiful thing about Jute rugs is that they’re flexible, allowing you to move them anywhere you want to, as opposed to synthetic carpeting, which is nailed to the floor. The third beautifying thing about rugs is that you can roll them up and stick them in the closet the next time you have a dance party. So, feel free to occupy your home with the Jute rug and don’t look back.

Take some time and check out U2’s new album, and take a quick look at read Blake’s poetry, and for a real treat watch Chapin’s movie Modern Times.  And if you are interested in the beauty and quality of hand woven floor covers, please, take a minute of your time to contact us or check out the Jute rug on Haiku Design’s user-friendly website.



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