A quick internet search for quite literally anything turns up thousands and thousands of results. Shopping, and more specifically furniture shopping, is no exception. On the one hand an infinite amount of options means there is almost nothing you cannot find: whatever you need, a specific kind of table, specific color, specific shape, or height, it can be searched and found. On the other hand, so many options throughout cyberspace can be overwhelming and it can certainly be difficult to find quality products that fit your aesthetic. For quality, American made, solid hardwood tables, Saloom is a good place to start. Located amongst the maple forests of Massachusetts, Saloom Furniture has been hand crafting high-quality pieces for almost 40 years.

The year was 1980 when Saloom founder and designer, Peter F. Saloom, began manufacturing tables with materials varying from wood to tile and slate. His workspace was a basement and his customers were few, but Peter’s drive and dedication to quality would propel Saloom’s growth to the impressive catalog it boasts today.

Saloom has a stunning piece for every modern home having elegantly mastered the art of mixed mediums. Peter F. Saloom’s experimentation with solid wood and metals signified a breakaway from tradition. It is a mixing of oppositional forces: nature and the industrial. It is symbolic of a dance humanity strives to finetune as we reach higher levels of environmental consciousness. The exquisite combination of Maple hardwood and steel is a metaphor for human existence. Two independently strong forces collaborating to create stunning pieces that allude to the harmony sought between mankind and mother earth. The tables demonstrate that a congenial and balanced relationship is not only attainable, but something of true beauty.

The graceful yet commanding tables by Saloom exude deliberate style and poise; however, it is Saloom’s Signature textured tops that elevates their pieces to new heights in modern design. The Hand Planed top is exactly as the name implies, a table top that has been smoothed by hand using a hand plane. The Etching top is strikingly modern and kinetic, meant to embody the essence of Saloom’s woodworking studios with their worn and scratched floors that are the result of years and years of furniture manufacturing history. The Wave Edge is emblematic of the live edge table movement, showcasing and highlighting the natural curves of natural hardwood while maintaining its elegantly sculpted edges. The exciting and interesting textures of Saloom’s Signature tops add intrigue and subtle complexity to the sleek yet minimalistic lines and profiles that make up contemporary designs.

Whether it’s a new dining room table or an occasional table for your living room, a piece by Saloom is stunning craftsmanship and enduring design. Quality focused and built to last, Saloom furniture is the ideal blend of tradition and modernity carrying with it the wisdom of the past and the promise of the future. Experience for yourself the boldness and innovative spirit of Saloom Furniture.