Eco-Friendly Shades of Green & Our Future

Posted on Dec 19, 2014

phone guyMany companies these days are going Green to one degree or another; even Walmart has made some mildly sincere efforts to do so. In fact, there is a relatively new index or option for investing in Eco-Friendly, and Green Companies. In contrast to the Dow Jones and the Standard & Poor (S&P 500) indexes, “the MSCI Global SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) Indexes are benchmarks for investors seeking disclosure to companies with outstanding sustainability profiles and avoiding exposure to companies that produce goods and services considered to have highly negative social or environmental impacts.” 

For companies to qualify for the SRI Index, they have to follow certain guidelines that measure things such as how much they recycle, how they treat their employees, how much their products or services effect the environment in a positive or negative way, as well as other Green variables that set them apart from companies with lower social and environmental standards. This new stock option (forgive the pun) is certainly a more conscious way to invest, but the services or merchandise of any company is what really counts.

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A Green company is one that provides the public with services and/or merchandise that is gleaned from natural materials and socially responsible practices, and the more consistently these principles are applied, the more you can trust the long-term benefits to yourself and society at large. While creating a positive future with progressive values, the most exceptional companies go even farther by maintaining time-honored traditions. One practical way they do this is to use materials that are organically grown, a growing method that has been around since the dawn of creation, a relevant fact that is often overlooked in conventional 21st century manufacturing. Synthetic materials are a very recent invention that carries a heavy price, in more ways than one, which is now becoming common knowledge for a large segment of the world's population.

So, if you truly want to invest in your future, would you rather do it with an artificial mattress that will take decades to biodegrade or a natural latex mattress that will ease your mind and support your body for many years to come? If you’re interested in exploring new options in organic bedding or green furniture products there are a number of companies on the market offering a wide range of possibilities.

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