Sleep Etiquette: Part One

Posted on Oct 26, 2015

“How did you sleep last night” used to be a polite inquiry the same way that “How are you today?” Is used as an opening question to break the ice. Its decline in daily discourse reflects a reduction in the social recognition of the importance of sleep to happiness and well being. Also referred to as “sleep etiquette”, sleep manners involve respecting one’s owe need for sleep and for the conditions that support a good nights rest. Sleep etiquette is often used as a synonym for sleep hygiene or the practices that promote good, and deep sleep. However, this blog is also addressing how sleep manners and etiquette can include interpersonal or social relations, and how respect for others can extend to their private time, including the respect for an individual’s time for rest and sleep.

Proper Sleep Etiquette #1

Calling someone on the telephone after a certain time at night (after 10 PM) or too early in the morning (before 10 AM) is a good beginning to proper sleep etiquette. These hours can vary from one culture to another and whether the call is personal or professional, and every society has a standard for a persons need for sleep.  If a particular person is not an intimate friend or close co-worker, then just assume that they go to bed early. In other words, unless you’re dealing with an emergency, let the person sleep.  

Proper Sleep Etiquette #2 

If you live in house with someone who has different sleeping hours than you, then you have a social obligation to stay quiet as much as possible.  This would also apply to respect your need to sleep. This means turning down the sound of the television or the computer or the stereo or any other noisy thing that might wake up your housemates. It means not running around the house like, but walking softly.

Proper Sleep Etiquette #3

Sleep etiquette can also creating a bedroom of beautiful bedroom furniture that is pleasing the senses as well as visually welcoming. Consider several different varieties of lights, such as a soft ambient light as well as a good reading light.  A great mattress as well as sheets, pillows and comforters that are clean, possibility organic and chemical free and above all, cuddly and comfortable can all help contribute to a deep and good nights sleep. And above all, don’t forget the pajamas.  Whether it is a full flannel pajama set, or a favorite worn out T-shirt, be sure and have something that is essential to you and that helps to create a space of relaxation.  

And we wish you Sweet Dreams.


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