Sleeper Sofas So Stylish Your Guests Won't Want to Leave

Posted on Jan 06, 2017

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" My arm for a pillow,
I really like myself
under the hazy moon. "

~ Yosa Buson

Long gone are the days of old-fashioned sleeper sofas that doubled as torture devices for family or friends brave enough to sleep over. When it was time for bed, you would sheepishly gather fresh bedding for your guests, then unpack the unwieldy, cumbersome eyesore and make the bed. You'd send your friends to bed with an apology, hoping they would be able to rest amid the myriad lumps and potentially hazardous metal springs.

These days, sofa sleepers are so modern and stylish that they bear almost no resemblance to the plaid tweed monstrosities of old. They're so different they really ought to be called something else entirely: Stealthy Sleepers, perhaps, or Designated Nap Zones? Regardless the term you choose, be careful who you invite over because they may not ever want to leave.

Vogue Sleeper Sofa by Haiku Designs


The Vogue is a completely convertible set of sofa and lounge chair that can be rearranged to suit its environment. The bed itself is ideal for smaller rooms, or choose several pieces to design the perfect conversation pit in an unstructured loft space. The Vogue has an undeniable mid century modern appeal, and is cleverly customizable. Choose brass or steel legs for an airy, art gallery look; or select wooden legs in two finishes for a funky, retro look. Make this piece your own by choosing from five delectable upholstery choices: sleek fabrics in Soft Indigo Blue, Light Gray, and Natural; or Vintage Velvet in Blue or Mauve.

This stunning piece has several positions: upright in the traditional sofa configuration, completely flat for a cozy night's rest, or the angled lounge position for relaxing with friends or binge watching your favorite shows. The unique split backrest allows you to leave one side up, while folding the other side flat. It boasts a seven inch cushion with an additional pillow top layer, for the ultimate in sleeper sofa comfort.

The York Sleeper Sofabed


And now for something completely different: the York Sofabed, shown here in luxurious chocolate colored, vegan-friendly Textile Leather. The York combines the best elements of traditional and contemporary, simply radiating cool – it's the 007 of convertible bedding options. You definitely won't want to relegate this sofa to the guest room: it's a stunning conversation piece.

Not only can you choose from three very different looking finishes (Vintage Velvet Blue, Vintage Velvet Mauve, and Brown Textile Leather), you can even choose from three different types of legs (Brass legs, Retro Legs, and the highly unusual Dark Wood Styletto shown in the photo above.) Be creative! Which combination of upholstery and support legs best represents your personal sense of style?

The Element Sofabed

THE ELEMENT SOFABEDThis wonderful sleeper sofa is the perfect example of minimalist design. In the Element Sofabed, cool design meets cool function. Its sleek silhouette lends itself perfectly to your creative whims when creating the perfect piece for your home. Choose from a wide variety of luxurious fabrics: natural earth tones in Gray or Natural; rich ultra-modern Soft Mustard Flower; Vintage Velvet in Blue or Mauve...or express your individuality with our uber-retro Wild Flower Tropical pattern.

As comfortable as it is beautiful, the Element transforms from the traditional upright configuration to a gently angled lounger or a completely flat sleeper. Its generous 7 inch cushioned sleep surface is covered with a luxe pillowtop for the ultimate in comfort. .


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