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Posted on Jan 29, 2018

Aspen SmallWelcome to the Zen Modern Lifestyle 

 "  Sleep on horseback,
    The far moon in a continuing dream,
    Steam of roasting tea.  "

                           ~ Bashō Matsuo

Haiku Designs Furniture and Mattress wants to formally welcome you to the Zen Modern movement. We are one of a growing number of purveyors of this new and exciting way of living that combines elements and themes from the ancient schools of Zen but that has been updated, and blended with values, ideas and design themes suited and matched for contemporary interests and that is and is of course…decidedly modern. 

What is Zen Modern?

1.  Harmony with the Environment

For starters Zen Modern is based on the Zen Idea of being in harmony with the environment.   That means making choices in one’s personal lifestyle to choose more Eco-friendly products whether it is Eco-friendly Furniture including Dining and Bedroom Furniture or whether it is choices made on what ones eats and the clothing one wears.  The idea is lessen our negative impact on the planet and doing what we can do to live in more sustainable, and balanced manner.


The Tentai Dining Set - Eco-friendly for your for home

2. The Beauty of Less-

Another Aspect of the Zen Modern style is based on the theme found in Japanese furniture designs but in also the schools of Danish and Mid Century Modern interior design, of the beauty of Less.  This means simplifying and de-cluttering one’s life and also choosing furniture, art, decoration where one or two outstanding pieces set a tone for a room or an environment.  


The Arata Platform Bed - Unmatched Japanese Style 

3. Simple Luxury

While acknowledging the beauty and value of many of the principals of harmony and simplicity, the Zen Modern Lifestyle is firmly rooted in the 21st century.  It is about enjoying and having it all.   This is not a monk’s style of living or chosen poverty of renunciation. It is about living a life of fullness, balance and comfortable luxury that supports one’s lifestyle while at the same time supporting the planet. Nothing wrong with 21st tech… as you sip your Organic Green Tea, or Single source coffee, on your beautiful Eco-friendly Natural latex mattress while you browse the internet or enjoy the latest Netflix series installment. 



Living Well in the 21st Century. We call it the Zen Modern Lifestyle.

Haiku Designs offers a unique selection of modern furniture, organic bedding, and lifestyle products from designers in Italy, Asia, and the United States, based on the themes of simplicity, harmony, balance and beauty. 

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