I thought it’d be best to state the obvious... We are currently experiencing a global pandemic. I won’t go into detail, because 1) I’m not a medical expert and should not be distributing possibly erroneous information, and 2) This here is a blog about managing our anxiety and straight boredom while we sit at home with our families doing what we can to keep from further spreading the virus throughout our communities. If you would like more information, please visit the CDC’s website. Haiku Designs is all about peace and harmony so for today we will focus on just taking a breather and keeping ourselves and those around us grounded and calm during these uncertain times. I’ve crafted a list of helpful tips to keep anxiety low and spirits high. 

  1. Take a break from the constant news

    It’s easy to spiral into a panic when we are being bombarded by “Breaking News” headlines. Of course, it is important to stay informed, especially with information meant to keep us safe, but it is unnecessary to do so at every hour of the day, letting ourselves be consumed by the dreadful feeling of helplessness. Give yourself a little bit of time to read up on the latest -- 30 minutes in the morning, and 30 minutes in the evening -- using only trusted sources of information such as the CDC website. During this time, allow yourself to feel and process your emotions. It is ok to be worried and it is ok to be afraid. Give yourself that time but then close those browsers, change the channel, turn off your news notifications, and focus your attention on something else.

  2. Take care of your body

    Do some at-home exercises, stretch, take deep breaths, drink lots of water, cook some tasty healthy meals, or meditate! Now is a fantastic time to bust out that meditation chair or zafu cushion. Keeping active is not only beneficial to your physical health but your mental health as well. Release those endorphins! I will certainly be looking up some yoga videos on YouTube to keep my body from beginning a process of petrification.


    Those of you familiar with my written works (aka previous blogs) know I am a fan of the mantra “Treat Yo Self.” Now is the perfect time to get into your hobbies, watch your favorite movies, and eat your favorite snacks (not exclusively, of course! Indulge a bit in between your healthy, well balanced meals), because why not?! Do some crafts, work on some home improvement projects (so long as you have all the necessary materials already at home). Get started on that book you’ve been meaning to read and haven’t found the time to. Prepare yourself a nice hot bath, light some candles, let yourself enjoy the safety and comfort of the home you’ve so lovingly created for yourself.

  4. Stay connected with friends and family

    Staying indoors might be stressful and anxiety-inducing for those that are fluttering social butterflies. Luckily our modern technology allows us to stay connected and continue our social interactions through a phone or a computer screen. Being at home does not mean we have to deprive ourselves of all human contact. Additionally, for those suffering from heightened anxiety, talking with loved ones or people we trust can help us process and work through our thoughts and feelings, while helping to maintain a sense of normalcy. Reach out to someone if you are struggling, we are all in this together.


This too shall pass. Yes, I just threw a cliche at you, but it is true and important to remember, at a time like this. However we may be feeling, no matter the level of anxiety we may be experiencing, remember that this emotional state is not permanent. Seeing past this might be difficult, but you should certainly try to do so. Show yourself and those around you some love and patience.