Taking Care of Where You Spend 1/3 of Your Life - The Bedroom

Posted on Feb 17, 2014

Did you know that the Bedroom furniture, Mattress and Bedding choices you make can have a direct impact on your health and sense of well-being?

Like it or not… it is true.  We spend over 1/3 of our lives horizontally in bed, or at least most us do, and it is clear that the type of furniture and bedding one uses has a direct impact on one’s health, sleep and sense of wellness

It is a proven fact that sleeping in an environment of synthetic products, chemically treated fabrics, petro-chemical foams, mattresses sprayed with flame retardant chemicals, furniture that is made toxic glues, particle board, much of which off –gasses VOC- Volatile Organic Compounds directly into the sleeping environment is detrimental to our health.  This can take the form of a compromised immune system, allergic sensitive’s, restless sleep, frequent colds, or allergies, low energy and lethargy.

In the face of this many health conscious consumers are making better choices for their health when considering bedroom furniture, and bedding options.  Many companies in the market are now beginning to offer a range of less toxic products designed to create a cleaner and healthier sleeping environment.

Sleep Well

A good guide for furniture made in such a manner is the recently enacted CAB standards or California Off gas emission standards. This is the first set of standard within the United States requiring manufactures to construct their products in a way that cuts down toxic glues, and formaldehyde emissions. Next time you are shopping for furniture ask the manufacture if their furniture is CAB certified.

Another possible direction is the Total Sleep System, introduced by Haiku Designs, combing an All-Natural foam based mattress with a slatted bed frame. This combination allows air to circulate throughout the sleeping environment up through the slats, and through the mattress, cutting down on dust mites, and molds and keeping the sleeping environment fresh, and clean. A key component in this Total Sleep system is a furniture piece that is constructed in a way that it does not off gas toxic fumes into the bedroom.  When combined with an All-Natural  mattress, and perhaps Organic Sheets, one is well on the way to having a better and healthier good nights rest.

Many consumers today are taking better care of themselves, exercising regularly eating more wholesome foods, perhaps even organic more selection and lowering stress and strain on the body system.  

And just as a reminder  --  An important part of any wellness program is to not forget the place where we spend over 1/3 of our lives, which is the sleeping environment, the Bedroom.



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