Tatami Mats - Rug Rats Unite! (Part 2)

Posted on Dec 05, 2014

tatami room
Continuing our series of blogs on alternative flooring options constructed from natural materials, this installment features Tatami Mats, specifically featuring the  Haiku Designs authentic, traditional Japanese Kaiteki Tatami Mats. These mats are perfect for floor covering, comfortable enough to walk on and yet soft enough to lie on. Tatami Mats are designed to withstand years of heavy use, which makes them a good choice for foyers, dining- rooms, and bedrooms or martial arts studios. Kaiteki is translated from Japanese as "comfort", and it could be construed as the joining of two distinct qualities: firmness with a flexible cushion.  

tatami room 

Japanese Craftsmen making traditional tatami mats about 1860 

Manufactured in Taiwan, the Kaiteki Tatami mats fulfill strict Japanese Industrial Standards for furniture and manufactured products. The grass straw used as a surface material for these Tatami mats is rated, "Best Grade #1", meaning that no visible variation or flaw in the straw pattern is permitted, which is proof that the Kaiteki Tatami mats will promise many years of use and durability. They are also Eco-friendly, which supports the planet as a whole.Because Tatami mats include a large portion of rush straw, they are classified as an agricultural product and must meet strict U.S. Department of Agricultural custom regulations designed to prevent the introduction of insects and molds into the country. Many Tatami mat manufacturers tend to fulfill these requirements by using layers of toxic insecticide powder interlaced between the several layers of the mat. Some companies fumigate the entire mat with a pesticide gas. The Kaiteki Tatami Mats are the most eco-friendly, non-toxic mats available on the market today, since they are processed and manufactured naturally. Instead of toxic pesticide powders and sprays, the mats meet the U.S. Custom requirements via an infrared heat process that slowly heats the mats, thereby eliminating any potential problems with insects, or molds.   http://www.haikudesigns.com/tatami-mats.htm

tatami room

Add to this the fact that the rush straw components are thoroughly and completely washed using a gentle and special process before the mat is manufactured, which eliminates any potential problems. What this means to you is that the Kaiteki Tatami mats are one of the best potential Japanese style floor coverings on the market today and offer an all-natural, harmonious and traditional Japanese style of floor covering for your home or office that is made from renewable materials in a way that is eco-friendly and toxin free.  Assembled in Taiwan, the Kaiteki Tatami mats are approved and certified for markets in Japan, meeting the strict JAS and JIS standards. For more information about Tatami mats, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatami


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