Ultra Modern Comfort: The New Organic Latex Mattress

Posted on Feb 13, 2017

mattressWhy the modern comfort of latex mattresses reigns supreme

 " Clouds come from time to time -
    and bring to men a chance to rest
    from looking at the moon. "
                           ~ Basho

A comfy bed is nothing to sneeze at. For the ultimate in a healthy sleep experience, it's important to choose all natural materials that resist dust mites and other allergens. Haiku Designs offers an array of wonderful mattresses, all of which are carefully chosen to be the highest quality mattresses available, crafted from all natural, environmentally sustainable, materials. Our organic, latex mattresses provide comfortable support, and will change along with your if your sleeping preferences change.   

The “Sweet Dreams” All Natural Latex Mattress features a 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton cover, cotton which is grown free of pesticides or other noxious chemicals. The top layer of this amazing mattress is made entirely of American, all-natural, untreated wool, with our unique Progressive Comfort Core at the center, made entirely of GOLS Certified Organic, All Natural Botanical latex. Choose from two thickness levels and two luxurious comfort levels, to get the mattress that is exactly right for you. The Progressive Comfort Mattress is made to order, and comes in all standard US mattress sizes. 

Conventional “memory foam” mattresses are associated with numerous health concerns due to the unnatural chemicals used to produce them. Owners often complain of sleeping too hot on a memory foam mattress, and of having difficulty changing positions while they sleep. Another common complaint is the unpleasant odor of off-gassing chemicals. (The chemicals used to in the production of conventional mattresses are often released into the environment while you sleep.) As if that weren't enough, conventional mattresses are treated – post-production – with fire-retardant materials such as Antimony (which can damage the heart and lungs, and may be a carcinogen), Boric Acid (a pesticide that is especially toxic to pregnant women and young children), and Decabromodiphenyl Oxide (which, apart from being a potential carcinogen, has been linked to hair loss and memory loss).

Yikes! No thanks, you say. Surely there's a better option? And there is: Organic Latex.


Latex offers many of the benefits of expensive “memory foam” mattresses, but without the long, scary list of potential problems. Latex mattresses are becoming very popular these days, and for very good reason, and almost always boast above-average ratings in customer satisfaction. Our natural latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree, and is utterly free of harmful chemicals. 

Our “Sweet Dreams” Mattress is 100% Natural Botanical Latex, free of chemicals and synthetic fibers.  Our organic mattresses are made responsibly, without the use of toxic chemicals – there is therefore no chance of off-gassing chemicals into your environment. You'll sleep better, and breathe healthier, in a clean air environment. 


Haiku Designs does not sell any mattress that has been treated with dangerous flame retardant chemicals. 


But that doesn't mean our mattresses aren't safe! Quite the opposite, in fact. Our mattresses meet and exceed all Federal Flammability requirements naturally – untreated wood and bamboo fibers are inherently flame resistant in their original state. Your mattress will be as safe as any on the market, and will help you get a healthier sleep as well. 

The Latex Foam we use in our mattresses is all natural, and provides relief for allergy sufferers and those with asthma. Our All Natural Latex resists microbes and inhibits the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold – all without the addition of a single unnatural chemical. 

Additionally, our Latex and Eco-Foam boast an open cell structure that resists dust mites. Dust mites simply can't live in our mattresses the way they do in conventional mattresses, which is an extremely important consideration when purchasing a mattress. One of the major causes of allergies these days is the presence of legions of microscopic dust mites that build up over time in conventional mattresses (Yuk!).

When you sleep on a mattress from Haiku Designs, the air in your room will remain fresh, and free of chemicals or living mites. So get ready for the best sleep of your life, and rest easy knowing you won't wake up sneezing. 


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