Folks, it’s time! Time to start preparing our homes! Bust out the holiday decor, add that extension leaf to your dining table! This is not a drill! I repeat, NOT A DRILL! Winter is coming, and the family’s coming along with it. It’s hard to believe but 2020 is indeed almost over. We’ve got two months left to go and they will undoubtedly be the most eventful of the year. For those of us privileged enough to be getting together with our families, it is not the perfect time to figure out sleeping arrangements. The nieces and nephews can go just about anywhere- a couch, the floor, a bench- but the adults should be perfectly comfortable in a freshly furnished guest bedroom featuring a gorgeous new platform bed from yours truly, Haiku Designs. We understand time is limited now, so we’ve concocted a list of beautiful beds that will arrive at your home in time for the holidays (Christmas, that is… might be too late for Thanksgiving so no promises on that one).


The Raku Tatami Platform Bed

Our best seller! This beautiful minimalist platform bed is available in two heights: a regular with a platform height of 9 inches, and a high rise with a platform height of 14 inches. Translated to mean “Comfort”, the Raku is the perfect expression of simplicity and tranquility. Exquisitely easy to assemble, this platform bed is sleek yet wonderfully supportive and strong as it features a center support beam and two middle legs to provide you with all the comfort and serenity you could want.

Crafted in sustainably harvested, solid Para wood, the Raku contains no particle board and is finished with low VOC stains that will not off gas into the air in your home. Additionally, the Raku Platform Beds are part of the Japanese Sleep System, meaning they pair perfectly with the all natural Tatami Mats that are meant to sit directly on the wooden slats. Tatami Mats have their own entire list of benefits- you can read about them here- but on the Raku they provide a perfectly leveled, breathable platform for the mattress of your choosing which is important because allowing your mattress to breathe reduces moisture buildup, allergens, and dust mites. To be clear, the Tatami Mats are not absolutely necessary. The Rakus have slatted platforms perfectly capable of supporting your mattress. I just thought you should know the Tatami Mats are a fantastic upgrade.


The Tomaru Platform Bed

”Stay for the night”. In Japan, Tomaru can be translated as “stop", “halt”, “stay”, or the more metaphorical translation, “stay for the night”. Inviting and comforting, our Tomaru Platform Bed is the perfect expression of elegance and simplicity, harmony, and peace. The Tomaru is the embodiment of Zen Modern as it features a stylish, minimalist design and the heightened functionality of being both a King and a Queen bed frame. Yes, you heard me right! The Tomaru can accommodate both a King and Queen mattress. The wide, flat platform (by flat I mean there is no mattress inset) has slats the width of a Queen mattress and a wide ledge designed to be both stylish (when paired with a Queen) and supportive (when paired with a King). It’s the One Size Fits All of platform beds!

Like the Rakus, the Tomaru Platform Bed is crafted in sustainably harvested Para wood. The Para wood tree, also known as the rubber tree, is valued for its overall strength, dense wood grain, and attractive light color. It is also prized as an environmentally friendly wood since the wood is plantation-harvested from grown rubber trees that have been cut down at the end of their latex-producing cycle.


The Takuma Platform Bed

An exquisite centerpiece for the stylishly minimalist room, the Takuma Japanese Platform Bed can be accompanied by a stunning headboard that helps accentuate its East Asian influences (headboard sold separately). Featuring a modern look, with an East Asian aesthetic, the Takuma bed is a sleek and elegant solution for small spaces, as the frame is constructed to occupy no more space than the mattress it is designed to support. The Takuma can also be complemented by a pair of Raku Nightstands, perfect for all your bedside storage needs.

Like the beds that came before it (literally) the Takuma is artfully crafted from 100% solid Para hardwood from Indonesia, which is sustainably harvested and an environmentally friendly wood. Its sustainable and eco-friendly construction will help you rest easy and further you on your path towards peace and harmony with the environment. Simple and elegant, versatile, and comfortable—The Takuma Japanese Platform bed is a great choice for creating a new bedroom of rest and relaxation.


The Park Avenue Platform Bed

Create a clean, sophisticated look with Greenington’s Park Avenue Bedroom Collection. The sleek modern design and simple clean lines of the Park Avenue Platform Bed features a craftsman-built frame in solid Ruby bamboo, with two removable back cushions adding a dramatic focal point to the headboard, angled for good looks and comfortable lounging in bed. Heightening Park Avenue’s upscale style is a slim black steel support and legs accenting the solid Ruby bamboo side rails and footboard.

Sustainable and earth friendly, Ruby is not a surface stain: the color is the result of an innovative new process using earth-friendly heat and steam, to entirely transform the solid bamboo material into Ruby’s deep red color.

The Park Avenue Platform Bed is designed for use with a mattress only, which is supported with a solid bamboo European slat system, eliminating the need for a box spring, and providing constant ventilation for your mattress, thus reducing moisture buildup, allergens, and dust mites. Available in Queen, Eastern King, and California King sizes. Discover the expert craftsmanship packed into each piece of Greenington bamboo furniture. Made using an eco-friendly, renewable resource harvested from fully sustainable and rapidly growing forests.


The Ventura Platform Bed

The quiet elegance of the Ventura bed is all about celebrating the beautiful grain of solid Amber bamboo. The modern style and simple clean lines of the Ventura platform bed show off the rich variety of Amber’s colors. The expert construction features a craftsman-built frame in solid sustainable bamboo, and the smooth detail where the headboard and footboard meet the frame is especially stunning.

If you’ve been looking for a modern and elegant bed, this is the one. Sustainable and earth friendly, Amber is not a surface stain. Like the Ruby finish of the Park Avenue Bed, the Amber color is the result of an innovative new process using earth-friendly heat and steam. No stain means no off gassing which equals cleaner air within your home.


The Monterey Platform Bed

The modern style and simple clean lines of the Monterey platform bed show off the rich variety of Amber’s colors. The expert construction features a craftsman-built frame in solid sustainable bamboo, with softly rounded edges, and turned and tapered legs. The prominent headboard provides a restful surface, angled for good looks and comfortable lounging in bed.

Rapidly renewable and extremely durable, bamboo is the perfect eco-friendly raw material for furniture. Twenty percent harder than red oak, Bamboo grows to maturity within 5 years (compared to 20, 30, 40 years of an Oak, Walnut, and Maple tree respectively) and releases up to 35% more oxygen than the equivalent stands of trees. Variation in grain and color enrich the natural beauty of the Amber bamboo furniture and make each piece unique. Slight differences in bamboo shade colors are signs that the furniture has been crafted from solid bamboo and is considered a benchmark of quality.


The Madagascar Platform Bed

The Madagascar Platform Bed features solid, live-edge acacia wood in a warm, brown finish that exquisitely highlights the natural wood grain and creates a warm and inviting look for your bedroom. This stunningly unique platform bed features a beautiful, live-edge headboard with butterfly joints, and a supportive, slatted base that eliminates the need for a box spring while simultaneously allowing continuous airflow through your mattress.

Crafted in solid acacia wood, the Madagascar Platform Bed is strong, sturdy, and eco-friendly. Acacia is a fast-growing tree that is easily harvested and reproduced. Sustainable and durable, acacia furniture is capable of withstanding the wear and tear of everyday life, meaning pieces crafted in acacia will endure for many years to come.


The Fifties Platform Bed

Inspired by the clean lines and simplistic design of vintage mid-century furniture, the Fifties Platform Bed will add ample character and charm to any bedroom. The entire Fifties collection is imported from Indonesia, where it is handmade from responsibly sourced, plantation grown Teak for exceptional durability. The bed is designed with a solid wood slat system so it is intended for use without a box spring. It is available in Queen, King, and California King sizes. Complete the Fifties Bedroom Collection with the Fifties Nightstand, 6 Drawer Dresser, 5 Drawer Tower Dresser, and Media Chest.


The Tango Platform Bed

The Tango Platform Bed by Harmonia Living is beautifully constructed and features a stylish Mid-Century Modern look that is both classic and timeless. The warm caramel wood finish creates a soothing and relaxing environment perfect for a modern bedroom. The distinctive angled legs and simple design also work well in contemporary or traditional homes. Each piece is made to compliment the next, creating a complete bedroom experience. You can complete the Tango Bedroom Collection with the Tango Nightstand, Dresser, and Media Chest.


Treat your guests to a sleep experience they’ll never forget. Provide them with a luxurious space in which to recover from their food coma. Offer them a gorgeous retreat in which to hide for a moment after uncle Bill inevitably brings up the results of the election. And if you’re worried the guest bedroom will now outshine the master bedroom, worry not! It’s your house. Take that bed to the master suite as soon as the company leaves. Overall, have a wonderful holiday season. Relax. Laugh. Eat. Breathe. Looks like we’re going to make it through 2020. What’s that one saying?... “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Yup, that’s the one. Enjoy your loved ones and rejoice! Life is not perfect and it certainly isn’t easy, but we did it.