The Value of Small Business in Contemporary Furniture

Posted on Dec 16, 2015

The unique quality and charm of small businesses is unmatched with any other when it comes to overall value and contribution to society. Although the superstores and mega corporations continue to grow bigger and more widespread across the world, the small retailer is becoming stronger and more competitive in terms of its focus on employee satisfaction, community based customer service, and local investment in the economy.

The major complaint of chain stores is not only in the quality of service and merchandise, but in the way that employees are treated and the sourcing from which they derive goods. Many of these companies source without concern to the environment. Their manufacturing practices show a lack of responsibility to the environment and a wastefulness of natural resources. Employees and to some extent customers are dehumanized and treated as a cog in a system with companies taking advantage of the state of our economy by offering low non-competitive wages, poor benefits, and poorly trained management in order to offer products and goods at a lower price to the end consumer and increase sales volume.  

When considering where to buy, price is definitely a factor in determining your place of choice. Other things to examine are the quality of product and where it is sourced.  Does it benefit the environment from concept to production?  Does the savings of a few dollars on an item outweigh the damages and impact on the environment? Often the answer to these questions is ‘no’.  We are left with a choice – to feed the addiction of corporate greed, or support the good fortune of local more responsible businesses, smaller companies, or Green Companies. Haiku Designs is a fine example of a small company that has fused Green principles with high-quality products, exceptional customer-service and the values of a local business.

Purchasing from small businesses and independent retailers is an excellent way to exercise your power as a consumer. If you want to have an impact on the future of business and the state of the economy, purchasing from a local retailer with American made products is a wise choice. Buying products from local suppliers, who care about your health and wellbeing, not only supports you and your family, but it supports your community as well. It’s essential to understand the long-term mission of wholesalers that supply each business. In this, it is most important to know whether a retail outlet is selling products that are made from at least natural if not organic materials, or whether products are made from synthetic ingredients produced in a laboratory.  

Haiku Designs has a mission to provide natural and eco-friendly products to our customers, therefore, we source responsibly and only offer those products to our end consumers that meet the high standards of organic and natural means. If you would like to learn more, feel free to stop by our showroom any weekday (2905 Center Green Court, Boulder, CO, 80301). See the difference in our products and learn how it feels to recline on a mattress made from natural rubber latex. Examine the quality of Bamboo furniture and truly feel the difference. If you would prefer to buy online or via telephone contact us at 800-736-7614, or visit our website at

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