Serra Platform Bed in Toast

We at Haiku Designs are proud to introduce the newest member of our global warming fighting team, West Bros Furniture. Showcasing a variety of exquisite bedroom and dining collections, West Bros demonstrates that beauty and style need not be sacrificed when combating environmental destruction. Family owned and operated, West Bros has been manufacturing high quality home furnishings for over 2 decades from their facility in Ontario, Canada. As the first Canadian furniture manufacturer to receive the honor of Silver Exemplary Status by the Sustainable Furnishings Council, West Bros Furniture is a leader in Earth-friendly, sustainable practices, helping to set the standards for high-quality furniture manufacturing.

West Bros Furniture artfully designs sustainable furniture that is made to withstand the test of time. Beautifully crafted in exquisite hardwoods such as Walnut, Cherry, and White Oak, West Bros Furniture is strong, sturdy and powerfully elegant. The solid hardwoods that make up the West Bros Collections are sustainably sourced from legally harvested forests, responsibly produced plantations, and recycled content, most of which is locally sourced. Should some raw material not be locally sourced, West Bros asks for verifiable Chain of Custody documentation, such as legal logging certifications, to ensure all wood used has been sustainably harvested. In addition to luxurious raw materials, West Bros uses English Dovetail joinery for drawer construction and finishes the interior and exterior of most pieces to ensure the finished product is a long-lasting piece. Masterful craftsmanship and sleek clean lines means West Bros Collections will not only last structurally, but style-wise, too, as they transcend fads and ever changing design themes.

Phase Bed with Upholstered Headboard in Walnut Finish 

It is clear that sustainability is important to West Bros, but they go far beyond ensuring their raw materials are sourced responsibly. West Bros also uses recycled/recyclable packaging materials to further reduce their environmental impact. They are also very conscious of the energy used throughout the manufacturing process and have sought the help of energy specialists and utility companies to pinpoint and cut out wasteful practices. For example, they have made a switch to more energy efficient lighting and continue to source locally in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. West Bros also believes in sharing their knowledge of sustainability practices and often participates in or sponsors in-store, community, and/or regional educational events on sustainability and the environment. Finally, West Bros is also committed to improving the environment within your home by decreasing their use of treatments, binders, and finishes known to contain harmful chemicals that compromise indoor air quality. 

West Bros Furniture understands that protecting and bettering the environment is not the only worthy cause when it comes to manufacturing. Companies also have a social responsibility to their employees and all other people that had a hand in any and all parts of production, that is why West Bros pays their employees living wages and they extend that to their vendors around the globe. Additionally, West Bros has written a Social Responsibility Contract which they have implemented as their baseline for employee relations, and a Supplier Responsibility Code which they distribute to all of their vendors. Changing and bettering the world is a group effort. It takes a community and that is what West Bros is intent on fostering: a community of people fighting for a better world.

Fulton Canopy Bed in Sand 

West Bros is not only committed to the path towards sustainability, they’re one of the few carving out that path for others. As one of the founders of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, West Bros is forever looking for new ways to improve production, reduce waste, and continue educating the public on issues surrounding climate change and our collective environmental impact on the planet. There is always more to be done, more we can do to protect our precious planet. Change can be hard and scary, but it is also an inevitable fact of life and, more importantly, an absolutely worthy necessity if we wish to leave a healthy and prosperous earth to future generations. We’ve partnered with West Bros because we admire their championing of sustainability practices, and we join in their commitment to spread the word about achieving a greener and cleaner world for all.