May the Horse Be with You in 2014 – the Wooden Horse That Is

Posted on Feb 24, 2014


In Oriental and Asian Astrology, different symbols represent the themes and influences that the coming year will bring.  This is also a factor in Feng Shui and in Chinese Astrology. Accordingly this year of 2014 is going to a be a full out, wild year, the likes that have not been seen in over 60 years with lots of growth, expansion, and new directions. 

We may all need the help of the Jedi Master Yoda to guide us threw this intense time.

According to many experts, the New Year will begin in full force sometime between end of January and Feb. 14, which would be about now.  This corresponds to the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

The Wooden Horse represent bold, new energy and that is what 2014 will be about.  This will be a year of change, new beginnings, uplift and optimism. Powerful new directions will be coming and blowing out the degeneration, self-absorption and chaos of the last few years. nThe last few years have completed a cycle according to this Astrological view, which was characterized by self-absorption, confusion, doubt, and dissolution of structure in our lives.   

Does that  Sound familiar to anyone??

Year of the wooden horse

But this is all about to change.  It is time of the Wooden Horse, which expresses a strong and bold character,  bounding into new directions, projects and passions.  The Horse  inspires powerful intuition and bold energies in every aspect and direction of life.  It will be a great year to expand in all directions with the feeling of support and a wind-at-my-back sense of living.

So how best to tame and ride this strong and intense power of the Wooden Horse.  First it is important to de-clutter both internally and externally.  Take the time to clean and reduce the clutter in your home, office or bedroom environments.  Perhaps upgrade some of the settings in your home to a new, and fresh look. Let go of any regrets that you think might have about what happened over the last several years.  All that is past and over.  Untangle your thoughts and intentions and get clear on what it is you truly want this year and in your life.  Follow your inner voice like never before.  Higher guidance and support will be available.  Your steed is ready, full of vibrant, health, and  strength ready to take your forward  as you manifest your life. Throw your care to the wind and go for your dreams.

And remember… quite literally, the Horse is with you.



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