Romanticizing Your Bedroom - The Yin Approach

Posted on Sep 08, 2014


Love Calligraphy Framed Art Print

Yin and Yang can be thought of as complementary forces--rather than opposing forces--that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. Everything has both Yin and Yang qualities; for example, light cannot exist without shadow. Either of these two major aspects may manifest more strongly in a particular person, place, or thing, depending on the criterion of the observer or the perspective of the observation. Yin is the passive female principle, and Yang is the active male principle.

Imagine how your romantic partner might respond to a beautiful Japanese calligraphy print, describing in poetic metaphors the beauty of love. Better yet, if you have a keen or even a passing interest in Feng Shui, you could place an image of love in the Romance corner of your bedroom, and then your partner might linger a bit longer, and look at you differently, as well as the picture. As the subtitle for this featured artwork claims, love is “the music of the heart”, and love is a mystery, just like the human heart.


Courting rituals involve what some would call ‘creative seduction’, and many others would go a step farther by calling romance an art form unto itself. This, of course, requires some elevating assistance from the material world, unless you plan to sleep on the floor, which we don’t recommend. This particular blog is offered primarily to those who want to apply a feminine approach to romance, and last week another blog was published  or the Yang perspective. 

luxor bed
An Example of a Bedroom of Comfort and Style

Nevertheless, both contributions can serve  both genders, so feel free to spy on the other sex. So, how can you transform your bedroom into an inviting haven of comfort for your partner? Cloth can do wonders for walls, but consider how your partner might respond to a Shoji Screen that separates the bed from the rest of the bedroom, adding an element of privacy and intimacy 

Yin Yang

Women tend to be more spatial, while men tend to be more linear, so it’s essential that we learn how to speak the language of both sexes, of both Yin and Yang. If you want to apply a more Yin approach to your inner sanctum, then pay close attention to the placement of things and where they fit in relation to everything else. Despite what men may think about the gifts they offer to the women they care about, they do respond well to the way things inter-relate. Creating enough space between one thing and another allows one to relax and move more freely, so take advantage of the space you have. A wise person once said that ‘less is more’, and the more space you have to offer, the more things positive energy is created.. So, if your partner honors you with a gift of some kind, then make sure you place it where it can have the most positive effect, and don’t hesitate to move it when things get stale. The essence of enduring romance is positive change, and the more we embrace change of any kind, the more peaceful life becomes, even when it hurts, because your partner provides the necessary balance, as long as you are open to it


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