Immersing Yourself in the Yoga Lifestyle at Home

Posted on Feb 08, 2017

THE ROUND TENTAI BAMBOO DINING ROOM FURNITURE How to fully immerse your yoga practice with your home

" Live in the moment:
  the smallest dewdrop 
  reflects eternity. "

                 ~ AE Thorne

Modern life is so cluttered. Frankly, it's a mess. Especially for urban dwellers, the daily world can feel like an incessant barrage of sights and sounds, a collage of never ending motion and constant demands on your time. The time-honored solution for this is simple: give away all your belongings, don a skimpy cotton robe and uncomfortable sandals, and go find a mountain to sit on. Problem solved.   

But what if you're not ready to abandon your entire life, just yet? You probably have family and friends that you've grown pretty fond of. You pursue a bevvy of personal passions and activities that can't be enjoyed solo on a mountaintop. You worry that you'd miss your comfy bed. We at Haiku Designs totally get that. The modern yoga lifestyle is a quest to find balance: to embody the calm eye of the storm amidst the chaos of modern living. 

Luckily, there are ways to carve out a quiet, uncluttered corner of the world and call it your own. Your home should be a sanctuary that shields you from daily stressors, and there is no reason it can't be. We offer beautiful furniture for the yoga lifestyle. 



The simplest way to eliminate mental “noise” at home is ensuring that you have adequate storage in the bedroom, so it's easy to tuck away anything that interferes with your vision of a fresh, inviting space. Entering a room that has been artfully arranged to appear harmonious has a tremendous impact on the way we feel. The trick to eliminating clutter is to maximize storage potential in every corner of your home.  

Our Cove Beach Storage Bed has two generously-proportioned drawers, perfect for stowing extra bedding, supplies for your knitting and other creative projects, or anything else that tends to accumulate in the bedroom. Its matching dresser and side tables provide ample storage room for everything you need in your bedroom, allowing you to create a spacious, uncluttered feeling in the room that promotes inner peace and healthy sleep.

Inner peace and comfortable sleep


There's no need to take extreme measures in the pursuit of the yoga lifestyle. Your goal is inner peace, and the best way to attain a blessed state is by giving priority status in your life to harmony, balance, and relaxation. Haiku Designs offers the ultimate in sleep comfort, which handily takes care of your third goal: relaxation.

Create the bed of your dreams by choosing one of our amazing Japanese Platform Beds or Storage Beds, then kitting it up with the ultimate in modern bedding. Our eco-friendly bedding is always made of the finest materials, like cotton, silk, and merino wool. Silk and cotton feel soft and smooth against your body, and also reduce moisture, dust, and allergens in the air. Merino wool has long been known for its ability to help regulate body temperature while you sleep.

You owe it to yourself to try our Contour Ergonomic Organic Pillow by Sweet Dreams. This amazing pillow is crafted of 100% natural latex as the filling, and wrapped in a 100% organic cotton removable pillow case. The contour pillow molds itself to your curves as you sleep, supporting you in all the right places. The latex is pin-cored for comfort and breathability, and is resistant to microbes and dust mites. Its all natural, organic cotton cover is sublimely soft. We currently offer eight different types of pillow, so you're sure to find one that's perfect for your sleep style.

Haiku Designs is pleased to offer a generous range of bedding options, to suit all tastes. Our Organic Cotton and Wool Comforter by Natural Sleep is conveniently machine washable. Our organic crib comforters boast a super-soft 300-per-inch thread count, so it will be soft against your baby's cheek. Indulge yourself with our 100% silk and cotton “Tussah” Silk Comforter, by Sweet Dreams. Or bring new life to one of your own organic comforters with a soft, washable duvet cover made of GOTS certified cotton. All the materials we use are completely natural, and are grown free of pesticides, bleaches and herbicides. You'll sleep better, and wake healthier, than ever before.


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