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Posted on Apr 14, 2016

Bamboo Dining Room


"I receive this food
surrounded by family:
It was quite a feast.

The word for “meal” in Japanese is gohan. Although gohan literally means “steamed rice,” today the word is used to refer to any meal, including Western favorites. In Japanese culture, eating with family is a treasured tradition that is practiced in most homes for main meals throughout the week. Eating together is a wonderful way to bond with your loved ones, and a great way to start new family traditions. 


An inviting living arrangement will enhance family time, by creating a harmonious space that encourages sharing and conversation. Bamboo furniture practically glows with a lovely, natural sheen, instantly creating visual warmth in the dining area. The modern dining table is the simplest way to gather everyone together at the end of a hectic day. With over a dozen stunning arrangements of modern dining furniture to choose from, it will be easy for you to design a warm, inviting environment to be enjoyed for years to come.

Bamboo Dining Room

Create an intimate, private dining area by adding in decor that captures the principles of Feng Shui . Consider adding a living sculpture like the Tanjun Fountain.  This exquisite example showcases the elements of earth, water, and the sun by making use of stone, flowing water, and metal.   The balance of elements make this piece a wonderful and tranquil addition to any family dining room. You can also display images of animals to represent your values as a family.   The crane, for example, represents honor and loyalty, particular traits valued in familial relationships, and a lesser-known connotation of the crane image is “creating memories, both fleeting and lasting.”   Another element of harmony, the butterfly symbolizes emerging beauty and transformation, which represents the transformative bond that emerges as we spend time together.  


Family meals develop fond memories to last all our lives. In Japan, families begin meals by saying itadakimasu, which means “I receive this food,” in order to thank the person who prepared the repast. When everyone has eaten, it is customary to say gochiso sama deshita, or “it was quite a feast.” This is another way to express gratitude for the meal and good company. Why not start this charming tradition in your own home?



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