Bodhi Meditation Chair

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The Bodhi GrassJute Meditation Chair is a delightful chair for deep, mindful meditation.

The Bodhi Meditation Chair has been created with the idea and purpose to offer not only a comfortable chair for casual sitting but also a chair ideally suited for sitting quietly in a meditation or mindfulness practice. Bodhi can be translated, as truth and the chair will support you on your journey to Nirvana whether it is just causal sitting and relaxing with a good book or sitting for a mediation and mindfulness practice.


An ideal expression of what we can Zen Modern design the Bodhi chair offers a design that is simple and appealing but also functional and comfortable.  Its low profile frame with a slightly curved seat and backrest, features a unique 3-inch drop in the front middle of the seat. This ergonomic design allows you to sit cross-legged in a comfortable fashion with your feet below the knees. This takes the pressure off of the hips and supports a relaxed but upright posture.  You can also sit with the feet and ankles crossed on the floor allowing your legs to rest easily and naturally further allowing you to concentrate on your mediation practice and not on the position of the body.

This optimal orthopedic alignment is further enhanced by a 100% all-natural Kapok cushion for the back and sitting surface of the chair providing additional support for your mindfulness or meditation practice.

Two cushions round about the Bodhi chair offering a comfortable yet firm sitting environment. Cushions are made from 100% cotton filled with organic Kapok another renewable fiber that offers many years of trouble free comfort. Cushions covers are removable and can be washed.  

Both of our meditation chairs, including the Sattva and Bodhi are made by small cottage industry craftsman, in Southeast Asia.


In alignment with the Zen themes of harmony with the environment the Bodhi chair is made in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner featuring a mango wood chair wrapped and surrounded with Banana leaves and jute grass straw all of which are renewable and sustainable resources.  Mango wood is wood from the mango tree harvested after the tree can no longer bear fruit.  The wood is sturdy, durable and will not crack or warp over time.

“Sitting Quietly Doing Nothing.. Springs Comes and the Grass Grows by Itself” ~ Zen Proverb


30"W x 27"D x 19.5"H

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