Canvas Crescent Cushion

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The Classic Crescent Meditation Cushion offered hereby Haiku Designs has been created to support you in your meditation practice by allowing you to pay attention to what is happening inside, and not so much with how the body is sitting. Our Crescent cushions are designed to support the thighs while easing pressure off of the knees and hips. This helps to promote proper spinal alignment.  The Crescent Cushion is recommended for beginners and for those who are not as flexible and perhaps need a little more thigh and knee support. Choose from either Certified Organic Buckwheat Hulls or All Natural Sustainable Kapok fillings. 

Our Meditation cushions serve as a tangible object that can reflect and support a Meditation or Mindfulness practice.  Creating a peaceful environment with soothing lighting, proper support, and a comfortable temperature is a key to a pleasurable and relaxing meditation practice. A comfortable meditation seat helps the body relax. When the body relaxes, the mind follows.


22" Long x 4" Tall - Organic Buckwheat, 4.5 lbs

22"Long x 7-8" Tall - Kapok, 2.5lbs

  • Helps to promote proper spinal alignment
  • Crescent shape provides extra support for legs and thighs
  • Design promotes the proper posture for meditation
  • Featuring a velcro opening for easily adjusting/refilling the cushion
  • Filled with certified organic buckwheat hulls or natural kapok 
  • Heavy duty 1" carrying handle
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