Contemporary Bamboo Rug

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One of the more distinguished pieces, the Asian-inspired Bamboo Contemporary Natural Rug is an excellent choice for your living room. This piece offers an uncomplicated design in two beautiful tones bringing richness and beauty to your home.

The elegant simplicity is ideal for bringing the elements of harmony into a room with eclectic styling or enhancing a room with minimalist pieces. Two beautiful tones, a Natural brown with black border and a Chocolate brown with a dark brown border.

Sourced from the sustainable forests in its natural habitat, the Anji Mountains, this Rug is crafted from 100% Moso Bamboo. The wood has been kiln-dried for extra durability and the non-slip rug pad backing combines with this to provide proper ventilation and reduce moisture within the piece. Cotton borders are sewn around the edges of the rug and serve to secure the pad and the wood together in tandem.

Bamboo rugs have been a traditional floor covering in the Far East for centuries. They add a touch of organic, practical elegance to any space. Our bamboo rugs are made of the finest quality, sustainably harvested bamboo in the world for supreme durability. Kiln-dried bamboo is machine-planed and sanded for a smooth finish. This classic collection offers a variety of intriguing designs and brilliant colors to choose from.

  • * 100% Moso bamboo is renowned for its durability and is sustainably harvested in its native habitat in the Anji Mountains of China
  • * Patented, ventilated, non-skid eco-soy backing cushions while keeping rug in place. Mitered cotton borders provide natural, clean design
  • * Slight color variations may occur due to the unique, natural qualities of the bamboo
  • * Clean surface with a damp, clean cloth. Spot-clean borders with mild dish soap and water solution
  • * Plastic or felt casters are recommended for chair or furniture legs to protect against scratching and cracking of bamboo slats.
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