In the early 1970s, Tim Copeland set out to create a company that manufactured wood products crafted in natural hardwoods, starting with a cider press and eventually evolving to home furniture. Today, a home furnishings giant, Copeland remains resolute in their pledge to providing quality, solid hardwood furniture made to last for generations. Copeland Furniture is passionately committed to sustainability through the implementation of environmentally friendly wood harvesting, the application of state-of-the-art technology, and an unwavering promise to provide high-quality products. Read the full Copeland story in our Craftsman Feature | Copeland Furniture blog.

Copeland Furniture


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  1. SoHo Bedroom Collection

    From $3,241.50 Regular Price $4,322.00

    To $19,080.00 Regular Price $25,440.00

    SoHo Bedroom Collection
  2. Soho Modern Platform Bed in Maple/Walnut
    From $3,241.50 Regular Price $4,322.00
    SoHo Modern Platform Bed
  3. Soho Wall Mirror
    From $557.25 Regular Price $743.00
    Soho Wall Mirror
  4. SoHo 6 Drawer Dresser
    From $4,196.25 Regular Price $5,595.00
    SoHo 6 Drawer Dresser
  5. SoHo 5 Drawer Chest
    From $3,186.00 Regular Price $4,248.00
    SoHo 5 Drawer Chest
  6. SoHo 4 Drawer Chest
    From $2,796.00 Regular Price $3,728.00
    SoHo 4 Drawer Chest
  7. SoHo 3 Drawer Chest
    From $2,434.50 Regular Price $3,246.00
    SoHo 3 Drawer Chest
  8. SoHo Single Drawer Nightstand
    From $1,023.75 Regular Price $1,365.00
    SoHo Single Drawer Nightstand

9 Items

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