Natural & Eco-Friendly Latex Mattress

Eco-Friendly & Natural Latex Mattress

The Science of Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Despite the current popularity of synthetic foam and memory mattresses, as well as the continuing availability of a wide range of polyester foam and spring coil mattresses, we at Haiku Designs believe that sleeping on a mattress made of 100% petrochemicals combined with other toxic chemicals isn't such a good idea. Foams, polyester fillings and synthetic bedding materials off-gas a whole list of chemical toxins, many of which are known carcinogens into the sleeping environment. We feel that if you are unsure how to pronounce the names of these chemicals, it is not good to have them next to your skin for 6-8 hours every night.

All Natural Latex Mattress
by Sweet Dreams | Certified GOLS Organic and Chemical Free  
The Nidra Natural Sleep Latex Mattress
by Haiku Designs | Affordable All Natural Eco-Friendly choice  
Natural Sleep Select Comfort Bed
by Haiku Designs | A Natural version of the Air Chamber Mattress  
Sweet Dreams Children's Natural Latex Mattress
by Haiku Designs | Healthier options for your kids!  
Sweet Dreams Children’s Inner Coil Natural Sleep Mattress
by Haiku Designs | Affordable & Natural Kid's Mattresses  
Organic Total Sleep Systems™
All Natural Mattress + Eco-Friendly Bedframe  

We have a better way

Instead of toxic chemicals and petroleum-based products in our mattresses, we use all natural materials such as Latex Foam, WoolUnbleached Cotton and Castor Oil. Easy words to say and best for creating a healthy sleeping environment.


Instead of synthetic petrochemical based foams, metal coils, chemical linings, and blended synthetic additives, the Haiku Designs Eco-Friendly mattresses are constructed from Natural latex rubber harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree, and from Eco-Foam, an all natural foam material spun from the Castor Bean. Both are completely renewable resources sustainably harvested and grown without the use of pesticides.

The central part of each of mattress is the Latex or Eco-Foam core offering a firm but flexible support, providing a comfortable rest with a soft give. In addition, on top of this sturdy foam foundation we place a layer of luxurious latex, the highest quality latex available. This unique combination offers a distinct advantage, because the solid foam core offers a comfortable support while the latex top layers automatically conforms perfectly to your body's contours and curves, evenly supporting your spine. The real benefit is that our All Natural mattresses provide you with optimal orthopedic support and comfort, with a feel that can only be called “Ahhhhh Yes!“


Advantages of the Haiku Designs Organic and Eco-Friendly Mattress Line

No Flame Retardant Chemical

The  Mattresses from Haiku Designs offer one of the healthiest sleeping environments on the market today because each mattress from Haiku Designs meets and exceeds all Federal Flammability requirements without the use of synthetic chemical flame-retardants. Instead of toxic chemical sprays or powders found in many so-called natural beds, we use untreated wool and bamboo fibers which are inherently flame resistant, thus creating a safe and toxic free sleeping mattress. 

Stable Sleeping Surface

The unique resilience of our Latex Natural Foam Core mattresses makes them an ideal choice for a sleeping platform, creating superior rest for two people of different weights. Any movement by one person is not transferred from one spot to another, so each sleeper can rest peacefully, despite the movements of the other person. The result is an unbothered, relaxing full night's sleep.

Zero Toxic Off Gassing

Natural Latex, and our Eco-Foam are both made from natural ingredients and do not off-gas toxic petrochemicals as does memory foams or synthetic chemical foams found in many mattresses. The result is a healthier night’s rest.

Latex and Eco-Foam Reduces Allergies

Latex Foam used in our mattress is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.  In addition, Latex rubber and Eco-Foam are naturally dust mite resistant. The open cell structure does not give dust mites a place to reside. One of the main causes for allergies and illnesses today is the presence of dust mites in synthetic mattresses.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Dust Mites

But Were Probably Afraid to Ask



The All Natural Latex and Eco-Foam used in our mattresses feature an open celled structure. What this means is air can circulate freely through the mattress eliminating mold and potential allergens. Our latex materials are 4 times more breathable than similar petrochemical foams, allowing for a constant flow of fresh air throughout the mattress, keeping the sleeping environment fresh.

Reduced Carbon Footprint and Renewable Resource

All of our mattresses offer the benefit of a negative carbon footprint meaning they take more carbon out of the atmosphere during their growth cycle than is released from their harvesting, thus helping to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and mitigate climate change. In addition latex, bamboo, organic cotton and wool, and Eco-Foam are all renewable, sustainable resources. 

The Organic All Natural Mattresses from Haiku Designs offer you a comfortable, healthier choice for sleeping surfaces. These are designed to work perfectly with our wide selection of platform beds, creating a perfect and ideal "Total Sleep System". All of the Latex Mattressesfrom Haiku Designs come in several firmnesses and comfort ratings, price points, and with several quilted all natural mattress covers.  

Have questions about which mattress would be right for you. Call one of our sleep experts at our 1-800-736-7614 with any questions you might have.  We have great success in getting our customers into the exact right mattress for their sleep preference. We ship our Organic and All Natural Mattresses nationwide,  from our warehouse in Boulder, Colorado direct to your front door, fullly insured via 1st Class Freight with extra packing for safe delivery.  Wanting an Organic or Natural Latex Mattress in the Denver, Boulder area? Visit our showroom for an upclose look at our range of sleep products. 


Important Notice

The Latex Foam used by Haiku Designs in our entire line of mattresses is an All Naturala Latex. We use both Dunlop and Talay Latex. Some companies promote one type of Latex over the other, but we use both as each type of Latex offers slightly different qualities and benefits.

Many manufacturers offering Latex mattresses through stores, catalogs and e-commerce sites, sell a Latex mattress made from layers of synthetic Latex, a form of synthetic  polyfoam, similar to the latex found in Hospital gloves. . 

Although cheaper to manufacture, these products are not a Natural Latex Mattress as they use petro-chemical/latex, with all of the inherent problems associated with toxic chemical additives. The Eco-Friendly mattresses offered here by Haiku Designs use Natural Latex Foam,  not the synthetic immitation.  The Natural Latex Mattress from Haiku Designs -- for a Healthier Nights Sleep!

Rest easy with our Total Care Sleep Systems and extensive lines of Bedroom Furniture. Designs created in Harmony with Nature.

We Wish You — Sweet Dreams

What our customers are saying 

“The Naturalpedic Sleep System from Haiku Designs is Simply the Best Sleeping Choice on the Market Today!”  


"I want to thank you all for having such wonderful products. I ordered the Kyoto bed and the latex mattress. My son put it together for me today and it didn't take too long. The bed is sturdy and I don't have to mention how beautiful it is do I!! The mattress is as the lady I spoke to on the phone said. Much better than the (brand deleted) I was considering getting. The mattress is firm yet giving and supports wonderfully. It is also not a "hot" mattress and is also easy to turn over on. You don't have the sensation of moving through molasses like I did on the above mentioned brand of mattress. I have been sleeping so well since we got our new bed and mattress from you. I actually enjoyed having a cold last week when I stayed in bed all day. That’s sick, but that much I love it. Thanks so much."

P. C., Clarksville, TN



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