Eco Pure 7 Inch Latex & Wool Futon

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Welcome to the Eco-Pure Hybrid Futon.  Featuring all of the great benefits of a traditional futon but upgraded with Organic Botanical Latex, All Natural Wool and an Organic Cotton cover, the Eco-Pure Futon offer a firm and comfortable rest, without the toxic foams, chemical flame retardants found in most futons and mattresses today.

We begin with a 2 inch Organic, Dunlop Latex core made from Botanical Latex, instead of latex blended with petrochemical foams. We then layer approximately 6 inches of Natural Ameri-Wool which is surrounded and wrapped in a GOTS certified luxurious Organic Cotton  cover. Ameri-Wool is a Natural Eco-Wool sourced here in the United States and allows our full line of hybrid Futons to meet the Flame retardant standards without the use of Chemical, Toxic flame retardants. 

Quitted in an GOTS certified Organic Cotton cover and hand tufted, the Eco Pure futon incorporates the best features of the traditional mattress with the added benefit of Organic Latex and Natural Eco-Wool.

This Hybrid approach provides a firm futon like feel, with a slight and comfortable give that can only be described as amazing.  In addition, the Latex core reduces the lumpiness found in more traditional futons, and doubles the life expectancy to 15 years.

Most of all it provides a safe, non-toxic, chemical free zone for you and your loved ones, creating a healthier and restful sleeping environment. 


Product Details

  • Medium Firm Comfort Level
  • Hand Stiched and Tufted for Quality 
  • 14-32 lbs of Natural Virgin Wool. (depending on the size mattress)
  • 2 inch GOLS Certified 100% Organic Botanical Latex Core - 35 ILD - 90 Density (Dunlop)
  • GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton Case
  • 100% Chemical Free
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • 15 year life expectancy with everyday use

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