A Shoji Table That Serves as a Lamp and an End Table

shoji end tables

A Touch of Class...

The Shoji Lighted End Table is available in a Honey Oak or Black finish.

Looking for that hard-to-find ideal addition for your home or office environment? Haiku Designs has created the perfect complement to our wide range of Oriental FurnitureShoji screens and Asian lamps with our Illuminated Shoji End table. When unlit, the table is a beautiful, sleek end table. When lit, that table becomes more than just an end table, it becomes a beautiful furniture piece casting a soft and luminous glow, creating a stylish source of non-directional or ambient lighting. Simplicity and elegance are the themes to this attractive Shoji table.

The unique thing about the Shoji Lighted End Table is that emanates light from its core, illuminating any home or office with a glow of its own. Created with fine wood- lattice and Warlon rice-paper, this lovely end-table also offers the benefit of a UL-approved light-fixture.

This table can serve as nightstand on both sides of a contemporary platform-bed, or it can beautify your living-room by placing it next to a couch. The Shoji Lighted End Table is designed and manufactured exclusively by Haiku Designs.



shoji end tableShoji Lighted End Table 

Available in natural, brown and black mahogany stain, the Shoji Lighted End Table features a shoji pattern on all sides, and thick Warlon rice-paper for heat-resistance. Its table-top dimensions are a square 15 3/4" x 15 3/4" with a height of 19". We recommend you use a 60 watt bulb that is UL approved. Our UPS flat shipping rate in the continental U.S. is Free.

Shoji Lighted Shoji End Table. 15 3/4" x 15 3/4" square x 19" high.