Etsu Dining Table

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The Etsu Dining Table is a stylish, modern piece available in Teak, Ebony, and White Lacquer.

Rich natural wood colors  combined with a Stainless Steel wireframe base meet the angles and curves of contemporary sophisticated design in the beautiful, decidely modern  Etsu Dining Table.Imagine your family sitting around this gorgeous table, enjoying a finely cooked meal and a much needed conversation. The family dining table is the household’s key place to get everyone together and on the same page for connection and bonding. Nothing encourages our need for community more than the tradition and ritual of a family dinner.  This dining table seats up to 8 people comfortably. The 84” tabletop surface allows for three chairs on each side and two on each end. This setup is an ideal choice to ensure that everyone has enough room to relax and enjoy him or herself. The sculptured design of the tabletop creates an impressive conversation piece and uses classic elements like natural and exotic wood to inspire a bold and modern dining space.  The wireframe pedestals allow for an open understated appeal, and are perfect for not detracting from the gorgeous table surface.     

Available in two gorgeous colors, the Ebony and Teak finish are responsible for bold and dramatic wood grain patterning that showcases the sculptured design. The Ebony finish brings a deep brown and black into the natural wood grain. The Brazilian Teak takes up the lighter side of beauty in its blended colors and bold angles. The White Lacquer offers an exceptionally contemporary feel for the ultra modern home. Featuring Stainless Steel legs, Wood composites with Natural Wood Exterior. 

Small Table: 39" wide x 87" long x 30” High.  Comfortably Seats 8 guests


Large Table: 39" wide 102" long x 30" high.  Comfortably Seats 10 guests.
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