Feng Shui Tips, Cures, Remedies for Home and Office: Wealth, Money

This is a list of remedies for static or blocked energy in your home or office. By activating the forces of Feng Shui with our specifically designed artistic Feng Shui prints. Created by a prominent Feng Shui master with appropriate colors, symbols, and kanji characters, each print functions as a powerful Feng Shui treatment for static or stuck energy. 

The Money, Wealth Feng Shui Remedy

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How it Works:

The methodology of Feng Shui like medicine to hang To be effective, you place it in the near left corner of any room while standing in the doorway. With the science and art Feng Shui, placing a deep blue color in the Knowledge corner of any room in workplace or home will increase the flow of Prana or Chi or what Westerners would refer to as life-force into the knowledge area of one's life.

When wedded with an image of a book (which is recognized as a universal symbol for wisdom) and the calligraphy for Knowledge, this print acts as a potent catalyst  for gaining a better understanding of situations, increasing one’s ability to learn, and attaining greater wisdom in all areas of life. In addition to the prints, you also receive thorough Feng Shui placement instructions and Free UPS shipping within the continental U.S.

And if you purchase the Feng Shui 4-Piece Framed Print Set, you’ll even save money! When you order it, including the Increasing Prosperity, Attaining Wisdom, Nourishing Partnership and Support Friends framed prints, the price is only $147, and you receive 1 print for free, for a total value of $49. Every print comes with a frame with dimensions of 11" x 14", and the UPS flat-rate for shipping is $18 if ordered within the continental U.S.


Art of Feng Shui Prints, 11" x 14" in an elegant black wood frame, under glass, ready to hang.



Feng Shui 4-Piece Framed Print Set


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Choose the Feng Shui 4-Piece Framed Print Set and save! When you order the 4-Piece Framed Print Set, including the Nourishing Partnership, Increasing Prosperity, Attaining Wisdom and Support Friends Framed Prints, you pay only $147 and receive one print for free (a $49 value). Each print is framed and measures 11" x 14". UPS flat rate shipping is $18 if shipped within the continental United States.

FENG-4, Feng Shui 4-Piece Framed Print Set, including 1 Nourishing Partnership, 1 Increasing Prosperity, 1 Attaining Wisdom and 1 Supporting Friends.





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Love and Relating

Living Room

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Rec or Meditation Room

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Helpful People, Guides

Office, Workplace

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Increasing Wealth