1. FROM $415.00
    Eden Jute Area Rug
  2. FROM $110.00
    Olwyn Braided Rug
  3. FROM $45.73 FROM $59.18
    Moroccan Trellis Rug in Black
  4. FROM $30.43 FROM $39.38
    Moroccan Trellis Green Rug
  5. FROM $23.63 FROM $30.58
    Idalia Outdoor Rug
  6. FROM $23.63 FROM $30.58
    Tallulah Outdoor Rug
  7. FROM $59.33 FROM $76.78
    Santa Fe Light Blue Rug
  8. FROM $52.53 FROM $67.98
    Moroccan Trellis Taupe Rug
  9. FROM $38.93 FROM $50.38
    Zephyr Cotton and Jute Rug
  10. FROM $50.83 FROM $65.78
    Keyah Cotton and Jute Rug
  11. FROM $23.63 FROM $30.58
    Freya Outdoor Rug
  12. FROM $23.63 FROM $30.58
    Haruki Outdoor Rug
  13. FROM $59.33 FROM $76.78
    Santa Fe Rug in Charcoal
  14. FROM $59.33 FROM $76.78
    Santa Fe Rug in Ivory
  15. FROM $45.73 FROM $59.18
    New Mexico Indoor/Outdoor Rug
  16. FROM $59.33 FROM $76.78
    Juniper Indoor/Outdoor Rug
  17. FROM $30.43 FROM $39.38
    River Outdoor Rug

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Floor Coverings & Rugs

Creating an eco-friendly home is easier than you think. Bring the elements of nature indoors with a natural fiber rug crafted from eco-friendly renewable materials. Modern earth friendly rug manufacturing techniques utilize the sustainable, renewable, and heavily reproducing natural fibers and wood. These materials are sourced from all over the world, and help to support small farmers and families everywhere. Enjoy a large variety of diverse rugs crafted using Jute Fiber, Bamboo, Silk, and even Recycled Paper!

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Comfortable Organic sheets
We were interested in the organic sheet sets that Haiku Designs has. We weren't sure if they were right for us, and contacting them worked out great! They gave us the ins and outs of the sheets, told us what to expect, and answered all of our questions. They arrived the other day, and they are so comfortable! I would definitely buy from them again, great service and products!
H.D., Windsor, CO
Good furniture
Phone service excellent, questions answered and handled in timely manner. I got what I expected and I (as well as wife) are very satisfied. Not inexpensive but quality doesn't come cheap.
M.Y., Aptos, CA
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