Natural Blends

  1. FROM $825.00
    Spinneret Area Rug
  2. FROM $412.50
    Hella Area Rug
  3. FROM $38.93 FROM $50.38
    Zephyr Cotton and Jute Rug
  4. FROM $50.83 FROM $65.78
    Keyah Cotton and Jute Rug
  5. FROM $59.33 FROM $76.78
    Santa Fe Light Blue Rug
  6. FROM $59.33 FROM $76.78
    Santa Fe Rug in Charcoal
  7. FROM $98.43 FROM $127.38
    Santa Fe Rug in Ivory
  8. FROM $98.43 FROM $127.38
    Santa Fe Pink Rug
  9. FROM $59.33 FROM $76.78
    Santa Fe Rug in Yellow
  10. FROM $117.13 FROM $151.58
    Santa Fe Rug in Navy Blue

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Nice platform bed
I have had a happy experience with Haiku Designs. Been looking for bedroom furniture for a number of months and liked some of their offerings. Ordered one of the beds with a low to the ground, modern design... the Arata bed... Took a little longer to get the order than expected but when it came everything was in good shape. Put it together and its look great. Customer service was helpful with some issues with assembly, but all in all a good experience.
A.S., Boulder CO
Beautiful lamp
Just wanted to let you know how much we liked the shoji hanging lamp. In fact, we liked it so much we ordered an additional one. Thank you also for packing it so beautifully.
J.T., Boston, MA
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