Area Rugs

  1. FROM $30.43 FROM $39.38
    Moroccan Trellis Green Rug
  2. FROM $23.63 FROM $30.58
    Tallulah Outdoor Rug
  3. FROM $45.73 FROM $59.18
    Moroccan Trellis Rug in Black
  4. FROM $59.33 FROM $76.78
    Santa Fe Light Blue Rug
  5. FROM $52.53 FROM $67.98
    Moroccan Trellis Taupe Rug
  6. FROM $38.93 FROM $50.38
    Zephyr Cotton and Jute Rug
  7. FROM $50.83 FROM $65.78
    Keyah Cotton and Jute Rug
  8. FROM $23.63 FROM $30.58
    Freya Outdoor Rug
  9. FROM $23.63 FROM $30.58
    Haruki Outdoor Rug
  10. FROM $59.33 FROM $76.78
    Santa Fe Rug in Charcoal
  11. FROM $98.43 FROM $127.38
    Santa Fe Rug in Ivory
  12. FROM $45.73 FROM $59.18
    New Mexico Indoor/Outdoor Rug
  13. FROM $59.33 FROM $76.78
    Juniper Indoor/Outdoor Rug
  14. FROM $30.43 FROM $39.38
    River Outdoor Rug
  15. FROM $78.03 FROM $100.98
    Desert Diamonds Outdoor Rug
  16. FROM $98.43 FROM $127.38
    Santa Fe Pink Rug
  17. FROM $59.33 FROM $76.78
    Santa Fe Rug in Yellow
  18. FROM $45.73 FROM $59.18
    Moroccan Trellis Ivory Rug
  19. FROM $117.13 FROM $151.58
    Santa Fe Rug in Navy Blue
  20. FROM $30.43 FROM $39.38
    Moroccan Trellis Navy Blue Rug
  21. FROM $45.73 FROM $59.18
    Sedona Indoor/Outdoor Rug

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Beautiful Bed
I want to thank you all for having such wonderful products. I ordered the Kyoto bed and the latex mattress. My son put it together for me today and it didn't take too long. The bed is sturdy and I don't have to mention how beautiful it is do I!! The mattress is as the lady I spoke to on the phone said. Much better than the (brand deleted) I was considering getting. The mattress is firm yet giving and supports wonderfully. It is also not a "hot" mattress and is also easy to turn over on. You don't have the sensation of moving through molasses like I did on the above mentioned brand of mattress. I have been sleeping so well since we got our new bed and mattress from you. I actually enjoyed having a cold last week when I stayed in bed all day. That's sick, but that much I love it. Thanks so much.
P.C., Clarksville, TN
Happy with our purchase
Just want to say that dealing with you all has been a pleasure - from getting a quote on shipping all the way to my vacation house, to speaking with the helpful woman this afternoon about the missing piece. The bed looks amazing and it's a quality product, you can tell. We're so happy about our purchase, thank you Haiku Designs!
JA, Fort Collins, CO
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