Bamboo Bedroom Furniture

  1. FROM $1,784.00 FROM $2,099.00
    Summit Platform Bed
  2. FROM $534.00 FROM $699.00
    Willow Nightstand
  3. FROM $1,529.00 FROM $1,999.00
    Willow High Chest
  4. FROM $524.00 FROM $687.00
    Vale Nightstand
  5. FROM $1,835.00 FROM $2,399.00
    Willow Platform Bed
  6. FROM $1,682.00 FROM $2,199.00
    Willow Dresser
  7. Azara Platform Bed
    FROM $1,870.00 FROM $2,445.00
    Azara Platform Bed
  8. Sienna Platform Bed
    FROM $2,004.00 FROM $2,620.00
    Sienna Platform Bed
  9. Currant Bamboo Platform Bed in Caramelized
    FROM $1,736.00 FROM $2,270.00
    Currant Bamboo Platform Bed
  10. Azara Dresser
    FROM $2,565.00 FROM $3,355.00
    Azara Dresser
  11. FROM $1,843.00 FROM $2,410.00
    Currant Entertainment Center
  12. FROM $2,485.00 FROM $3,250.00
    Sienna Dresser
  13. Currant Dresser
    FROM $2,806.00 FROM $3,669.00
    Currant Dresser
  14. FROM $2,057.00 FROM $2,690.00
    Sienna High Chest
  15. Azara High Chest
    FROM $2,271.00 FROM $2,970.00
    Azara High Chest
  16. FROM $2,218.00 FROM $2,900.00
    Currant High Chest
  17. Azara Nightstand
    FROM $585.00 FROM $766.00
    Azara Nightstand
  18. FROM $585.00 FROM $766.00
    Currant Bamboo Nightstand
  19. Sienna Nightstand
    FROM $585.00 FROM $766.00
    Sienna Nightstand
  20. FROM $1,736.00 FROM $2,270.00
    Park Avenue High Chest
  21. FROM $466.00 FROM $549.00
    Summit Nightstand
  22. FROM $1,189.00 FROM $1,399.00
    Summit High Chest
  23. FROM $1,702.00 FROM $2,270.00
    Monterey 4 Drawer High Chest, Wheat
  24. FROM $2,253.00 FROM $3,005.00
    Monterey 4 Drawer Double Dresser, Wheat
  25. FROM $1,736.00 FROM $2,270.00
    Ventura High Chest
  26. FROM $1,950.00 FROM $2,550.00
    Ventura Platform Bed
  27. FROM $2,298.00 FROM $3,005.00
    Ventura Dresser
  28. FROM $1,736.00 FROM $2,270.00
    Monterey Platform Bed
  29. FROM $0.00 FROM $1,606.00
    Ria Platform Bed
  30. FROM $2,137.00 FROM $2,795.00
    Park Avenue Platform Bed

Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular material for everything from fabric to flooring, and recently has come into it own, proving especially ideal for furniture construction. Sustainably produced, stronger than solid oak, durable, and inexpensive bamboo in now being used for unique and beautiful furniture pieces for both the Bedroom and Dining Room. Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources for construction of hard-wood furniture and products. It requires no cultivation and grows to maturity in just four years. The comparison to traditional hardwood is unparalleled as it takes many trees up to forty years to be ready for harvest.



Eco-Friendly Bamboo Benefits

The Quality and Beauty of Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Purchasing Eco-Friendly Bamboo Furniture from Haiku Designs contributes to environmental stewardship and the practice of keeping our planet clean and safe from harmful chemicals. Renewable resources ensure that we will be able to continue creating and developing beauty from nature.

Renewable Resources of Bamboo

Renewable Resources

Bamboo is an eco-friendly, renewable resource grown in sustainable forests. Bamboo can grow into full maturity in just about 4 years or so.

The Resistance and Strength of Bamboo

Warp, Chip & Crack Resistant

Known for its natural beauty and flexibility, bamboo hardwood is less likely to warp, chip or crack than other solid woods.

The Power of Bamboo

30% Stronger Than Oak

The bamboo hardwood used in all Haiku Designs furniture is 30% stronger than solid oak.

Premium Quality Bamboo Materials

Premium Quality Materials

We only use solid bamboo wood — No bamboo laminate, MDF board, particle board interior or other low quality materials.

Ultra Low Off-gassing

Ultra Low Off-gassing

Our Eco-Friendly bamboo furniture reduces off-gassing and toxic emissions to ultra low levels for your health and for the Earth.

Natural Bamboo Materials

100% Natural Materials

Our furniture is built from 100% Natural Bamboo and will naturally stay consistently durable while also being mold resistant.

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Perfect bed and mattress
We have had a (brand deleted), a very expensive name brand futon, and a (brand deleted), and NONE of these beds worked for us. This is truly the bed that has it ALL. When you turn over, your bed partner can't even feel it!!!! It has the perfect amount of firmness, yet your arms don't fall asleep when you are lying on your side. WE love this bed, and we are telling our friends and family one by one that they NEED this mattress. Again, thanks so much for fulfilling one of the biggest goals that we have had - SLEEP! Aloha.
J.D., Honolulu, HI
Thanks to your team
Thank you for your excellent customer service. I really appreciate it.
M.L., Lemont IL
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