Copeland Dining Room Furniture

  1. FROM $5,580.00 FROM $7,972.00
    Exeter Double Leaf Extension Table
  2. FROM $5,290.00 FROM $7,558.00
    Exeter Single Leaf Extension Table
  3. FROM $2,272.00 FROM $3,246.50
    Exeter Rectangular Glass Top Table
  4. Exeter Round Glass Top Table
    FROM $1,897.00 FROM $2,710.83
    Exeter Round Glass Top Table
  5. FROM $4,239.00 FROM $6,056.00
    Exeter Buffet
  6. FROM $4,651.00 FROM $6,645.00
    Iso Extension Table
  7. FROM $907.00 FROM $1,297.00
    Iso Arm Chair
  8. FROM $786.00 FROM $1,123.00
    Iso Side Chair
  9. FROM $2,355.00 FROM $3,365.00
    Iso Fixed Top Dining Table
  10. FROM $3,773.00 FROM $5,390.00
    Iso 4 Door Buffet
  11. FROM $3,510.00 FROM $5,015.00
    Catalina Trestle Extension Table
  12. FROM $2,018.00 FROM $2,884.00
    Catalina Two Door Buffet
  13. FROM $4,720.00 FROM $6,744.00
    Catalina Two Drawer, Four Door Buffet
  14. FROM $3,502.00 FROM $5,003.00
    Catalina Round Extension Dining Table
  15. FROM $2,772.00 FROM $3,960.00
    Catalina Two Door, One Drawer Buffet
  16. FROM $4,169.00 FROM $5,957.00
    Catalina Two Door, Three Drawer Buffet
  17. FROM $820.00 FROM $1,172.00
    Ingrid Side Chair
  18. FROM $971.00 FROM $1,388.00
    Ingrid Arm Chair
  19. FROM $916.00 FROM $1,309.00
    Estelle Dining Chair
  20. FROM $1,104.00 FROM $1,578.00
    Estelle Arm Chair
  21. FROM $826.00 FROM $1,180.00
    Sarah Side Chair
  22. FROM $984.00 FROM $1,406.00
    Sarah Arm Chair
  23. FROM $657.00 FROM $939.00
    Sarah Upholstered Side Chair
  24. FROM $781.00 FROM $1,116.00
    Sarah Upholstered Arm Chair
  25. FROM $1,943.00 FROM $2,776.00
    Audrey Fixed Top Table
  26. FROM $3,514.00 FROM $5,021.00
    Audrey Buffet
  27. Audrey Bench in Natural Cherry
    FROM $921.00 FROM $1,317.00
    Audrey Bench
  28. Audrey Extension Table
    FROM $3,464.00 FROM $4,949.00
    Audrey Extension Table
  29. FROM $1,568.00 FROM $2,240.00
    Audrey Hutch
  30. FROM $1,756.00 FROM $2,509.83
    Entwine Glass Top Table

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Fast shipping!
Just to let you know that my order arrived in first class condition and according to my timescale in only 5 days from start to finish - and that included a weekend and a Bank holiday here! I am very pleased with my purchase - thanks. I'm sure I'll be visiting in the future.
J.B., Dursley, UK
Thank you!
It’s been a little more than 1 week since I received my new Slumber bed. Just wanted to ask you to relate my great satisfaction to all involved in its design, manufacturing, and delivery. I am very pleased with the quality of the product, with selection of the woods that went into making the bed, and with overall look and feel. The assembly process worked out well also. I am happy to have discovered your company, and is impressed with workmanship and pretty much all aspects of the process, including my online browsing and ordering experience, and sales help and support from you. Congratulations to your entire team for work well done! My sincere thanks!
G.S., Los Angeles, CA
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