Copeland Living Room Furniture

  1. FROM $776.00 FROM $1,034.00
    Mansfield Large Wall Mirror
  2. FROM $1,208.00 FROM $1,610.00
    Berkeley Floor Mirror
  3. FROM $1,390.00 FROM $1,853.00
    Catalina Console Table
  4. FROM $788.00
    Catalina End Table
  5. FROM $504.00 FROM $672.00
    Essentials End Table
  6. FROM $1,093.00 FROM $1,458.00
    Sarah Bookcase
  7. FROM $602.00 FROM $803.00
    Catalina Dreams Mirror
  8. FROM $1,208.00 FROM $1,610.00
    Monterey Floor Mirror
  9. FROM $886.00 FROM $1,182.00
    Berkeley Wall Mirror
  10. FROM $588.00 FROM $784.00

    Essentials Living Room Collection
  11. FROM $602.00 FROM $803.00
    Mansfield Small Wall Mirror
  12. FROM $886.00 FROM $1,182.00
    Monterey Wall Mirror
  13. FROM $649.00 FROM $866.00
    Essentials Console Table
  14. FROM $1,279.00 FROM $1,706.00
    Pivot Coffee Table
  15. FROM $783.00 FROM $1,044.00
    Planes End Table
  16. FROM $602.00 FROM $803.00
    Astrid Wall Mirror
  17. FROM $776.00 FROM $1,034.00
    Astrid Large Wall Mirror
  18. FROM $1,113.00
    Catalina Coffee Table
  19. FROM $588.00 FROM $784.00
    Essentials Coffee Table
  20. FROM $1,158.00 FROM $1,545.00
    Entwine Coffee Table
  21. FROM $1,196.00 FROM $1,595.00
    Planes Coffee Table

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Very happy
My husband and I have purchased two couches from Haiku over the past couple of years and couldn't be happier with the products and service.
A.S., Portland, OR
Exceeds my expectations
I want to thank everyone who helped with my recent order. I have been enjoying both the bed and mattress immensely, as has Xena, my cat. This was the first major purchase have made on-line--a bed to boot--and was a bit unsure about the end result. The simplicity of your website is what attracted me to Haiku Designs, and the helpfulness of everyone I spoke with was sincere and eased any doubts I had. It turns out that the quality of the bed far exceeds my expectations and the mattress is wonderful. I know I will sleep well for the next few years.
M.G., Campbell, CA
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