Copeland Living Room Furniture

  1. FROM $890.00 FROM $1,187.00
    Mansfield Large Wall Mirror
  2. FROM $1,383.00 FROM $1,845.00
    Berkeley Floor Mirror
  3. FROM $664.00 FROM $886.00
    Catalina End Table
  4. FROM $567.00 FROM $757.00
    Essentials End Table
  5. FROM $1,229.00 FROM $1,639.00
    Sarah Bookcase
  6. FROM $690.00 FROM $921.00
    Catalina Mirror
  7. FROM $1,383.00 FROM $1,845.00
    Monterey Floor Mirror
  8. FROM $1,016.00 FROM $1,355.00
    Berkeley Wall Mirror
  9. FROM $662.00 FROM $883.00

    Essentials Living Room Collection
  10. FROM $1,016.00 FROM $1,355.00
    Monterey Wall Mirror
  11. FROM $731.00 FROM $975.00
    Essentials Console Table
  12. FROM $1,571.00 FROM $2,095.96
    Pivot Coffee Table
  13. FROM $951.00 FROM $1,268.48
    Planes End Table
  14. FROM $786.00 FROM $1,049.00
    Astrid Wall Mirror
  15. FROM $890.00 FROM $1,187.00
    Astrid Large Wall Mirror
  16. FROM $938.00 FROM $1,251.00
    Catalina Coffee Table
  17. FROM $662.00 FROM $883.00
    Essentials Coffee Table
  18. FROM $1,396.00 FROM $1,861.96
    Entwine Coffee Table
  19. FROM $1,345.00 FROM $1,793.96
    Planes Coffee Table

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Love my new bed
We love the colour and fit of the duvet cover, sheets and pillowcases of the linens we purchased and would definitely recommend Haiku for their linen products. For the Queen sized bed and tatami mats; overall the packaging was put together very well. The assembly of it was easy and the pieces fit together nicely. We love the bed now that it is set up especially the feel of the finish and the smell of the tatami mats. I would recommend Haiku to my friends and anyone who would like an easily assembled and beautiful bed. Thank you very much!
C.S., Portland OR
Comfortable Organic sheets
We were interested in the organic sheet sets that Haiku Designs has. We weren't sure if they were right for us, and contacting them worked out great! They gave us the ins and outs of the sheets, told us what to expect, and answered all of our questions. They arrived the other day, and they are so comfortable! I would definitely buy from them again, great service and products!
H.D., Windsor, CO
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