In the early 1970s, Tim Copeland set out to create a company that manufactured wood products crafted in natural hardwoods, starting with a cider press and eventually evolving to home furniture. Today, a home furnishings giant, Copeland remains resolute in their pledge to providing quality, solid hardwood furniture made to last for generations. Copeland Furniture is passionately committed to sustainability through the implementation of environmentally friendly wood harvesting, the application of state-of-the-art technology, and an unwavering promise to provide high-quality products. Read the full Copeland story in our Craftsman Feature | Copeland Furniture blog.


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  1. FROM $920.00 FROM $1,227.00
    Exeter Chair
  2. Sarah Desk
    FROM $1,458.00 FROM $1,944.00
    Sarah Desk
  3. FROM $769.00 FROM $1,026.00
    Sarah Side Chair
  4. FROM $1,158.00 FROM $1,545.00
    Sarah Bookcase
  5. FROM $1,287.00 FROM $1,716.00
    Sarah Desk Return
  6. FROM $810.00 FROM $1,080.00
    Sarah Desktop Organizer
  7. FROM $1,647.00 FROM $2,196.00
    Sarah Lateral Filing Cabinet
  8. FROM $704.00 FROM $939.00
    Sarah Upholstered Side Chair
  9. FROM $916.00 FROM $1,222.00
    Sarah Arm Chair
  10. FROM $904.00 FROM $1,206.00
    Ingrid Arm Chair
  11. FROM $675.00 FROM $900.00
    Ingrid Side Chair with Cushion
  12. FROM $843.00 FROM $1,124.00
    Kyoto Arm Chair
  13. FROM $1,032.00 FROM $1,376.00
    Essentials Desk
  14. FROM $836.00 FROM $1,115.00
    Ingrid Arm Chair with Cushion
  15. FROM $753.00 FROM $1,004.00
    Kyoto Side Chair
  16. FROM $837.00 FROM $1,116.00
    Sarah Upholstered Arm Chair
  17. FROM $1,116.00 FROM $1,488.00
    Estelle Arm Chair
  18. FROM $764.00 FROM $1,019.00
    Ingrid Side Chair
  19. FROM $1,542.00 FROM $2,057.00
    Sarah Rolling Filing Cabinet

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Love my new bed
We love the colour and fit of the duvet cover, sheets and pillowcases of the linens we purchased and would definitely recommend Haiku for their linen products. For the Queen sized bed and tatami mats; overall the packaging was put together very well. The assembly of it was easy and the pieces fit together nicely. We love the bed now that it is set up especially the feel of the finish and the smell of the tatami mats. I would recommend Haiku to my friends and anyone who would like an easily assembled and beautiful bed. Thank you very much!
C.S., Portland OR
Great service
I wish to thank you and Haiku Designs team for your wonderful service and your quick response to my needs.
H.B., Ontario Canada
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