Since 2004 Greenington has been committed to creating beautiful and sustainable furniture of Mid-Century Modern design. The sleek and clean lines that are present in their pieces represent a certain timelessness that exude sophistication. The Scandinavian and Danish influences are felt through their minimalism, a minimalism that perfectly complements the natural splendor of the chosen medium: Moso Bamboo.


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  • Greenington Dining Room Furniture
  • Greenington Office Furniture
  1. FROM $2,227.00 FROM $2,620.00
    Currant Bamboo Platform Bed-King-Caramelized
  2. FROM $921.00 FROM $1,084.00
    Currant Chair-Black Walnut-Set of 2
  3. FROM $770.00 FROM $906.00
    Currant Leaning Bookshelf-Black Walnut
  4. FROM $2,524.00 FROM $2,970.00
    Currant Bamboo Platform Bed-Oiled Walnut-King
  5. FROM $2,613.00 FROM $3,075.00
    Currant High Chest-Oiled Walnut
  6. FROM $861.00 FROM $1,014.00
    Currant Chair-Amber-Set of 2
  7. FROM $1,892.00 FROM $2,270.00
    Monterey 4 Drawer High Chest, Wheat
  8. FROM $2,504.00 FROM $3,005.00
    Monterey 4 Drawer Double Dresser, Wheat
  9. FROM $1,929.00 FROM $2,270.00
    Currant Bamboo Platform Bed-Queen-Caramelized
  10. FROM $651.00 FROM $766.00
    Currant Bamboo Nightstand-Caramelized
  11. FROM $1,394.00 FROM $1,641.00
    Currant Writing Desk-Black Walnut
  12. FROM $1,305.00 FROM $1,536.00
    Currant Writing Desk-Caramelized
  13. FROM $561.00 FROM $661.00
    Currant Bench-64 Inch-Caramelized
  14. FROM $472.00 FROM $556.00
    Currant Bench-48 Inch-Caramelized
  15. FROM $2,286.00 FROM $2,690.00
    Currant Sideboard-Black Walnut
  16. FROM $740.00 FROM $871.00
    Currant Leaning Bookshelf-Caramelized
  17. FROM $1,305.00 FROM $1,536.00
    Currant Bamboo Writing Desk-Amber
  18. FROM $1,216.00 FROM $1,431.00
    Currant Bookshelf-Caramelized
  19. FROM $740.00 FROM $871.00
    Currant Bamboo Nightstand-Oiled Walnut
  20. FROM $1,929.00 FROM $2,270.00
    Monterey Platform Bed (By Greenington)
  21. FROM $861.00 FROM $1,014.00
    Currant Chair-Caramelized-Set of 2
  22. FROM $2,762.00 FROM $3,250.00
    Currant Dresser-Caramelized
  23. FROM $2,167.00 FROM $2,550.00
    Currant Sideboard-Caramelized
  24. FROM $921.00 FROM $1,084.00
    Currant Chair-Sable-Set of 2
  25. FROM $668.00 FROM $801.00
    Monterey One Drawer Nightstand

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Thank you!
It’s been a little more than 1 week since I received my new Slumber bed. Just wanted to ask you to relate my great satisfaction to all involved in its design, manufacturing, and delivery. I am very pleased with the quality of the product, with selection of the woods that went into making the bed, and with overall look and feel. The assembly process worked out well also. I am happy to have discovered your company, and is impressed with workmanship and pretty much all aspects of the process, including my online browsing and ordering experience, and sales help and support from you. Congratulations to your entire team for work well done! My sincere thanks!
G.S., Los Angeles, CA
Love the mattress!
The mattress was delivered yesterday and my son and daughter-in-law love it.
S.R., Victoria, BC
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