Greenington Office Furniture

  1. Currant Bamboo Writing Desk
    FROM $1,097.00 FROM $1,317.00
    Currant Bamboo Writing Desk
  2. FROM $725.00 FROM $870.00
    Currant Chair - Set of Two
  3. FROM $597.00 FROM $717.00
    Studio Line Desk
  4. Studio Line Leaning Bookshelf
    FROM $622.00 FROM $747.00
    Studio Line Leaning Bookshelf
  5. FROM $1,247.00 FROM $1,497.00
    Jasmine Writing Desk
  6. FROM $1,747.00 FROM $2,097.00
    Ascent Hi-Lo Desk
  7. FROM $598.00 FROM $717.00
    Studio Plus Desk
  8. FROM $1,697.00 FROM $2,037.00
    Magnolia Bookshelf
  9. Currant Leaning Bookshelf
    FROM $647.00 FROM $777.00
    Currant Leaning Bookshelf
  10. FROM $1,747.00 FROM $2,097.00
    Mercury Two Door Chest
  11. FROM $1,922.00 FROM $2,307.00
    Sienna High Chest
  12. FROM $645.00 FROM $774.00
    Soho Dining Chair-Set of 2
  13. FROM $1,822.00 FROM $2,187.00
    Mercury Three Drawer Chest
  14. FROM $2,072.00 FROM $2,487.00
    Currant High Chest

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

By the way...
I have referred several friends to your website, by the way. Your products are unique and lovely.
S.M., Chanhassen, MN
Sustainability is so important!
I look forward to receiving the items I ordered from Haiku Designs as well as ordering more items in the future. I appreciate being able to buy from a company that is devoted to selling good quality as well as healthy products. I hope to be a part of helping to create a healthier more sustainable world for future generations.
L.M., Las Cruces, NM
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